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backround too dark

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by Kinz, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Kinz

    Kinz Guest

    I seem to always have trouble with the background being too dark. I use a D300 with SB600 flash. Many times when I shoot in a room and the subject is say two people, they are lit fine, but the background is way too dark. If I turn to a lighted area in the background everything is fine. Flash has always given me trouble (mainly cuz I guess I don't do it enough). I just checked the SB600 manual and realized there is a TTL setting (not TTL BL). Would this setting help this problem? Thanks.
  2. welcome to THE forum
    can i please ask YOUR FIRST NAME?

    can you please post some examples so that we can see exactly what is going on with your images.... and figure out how to help you

    glad to have you here
  3. Kinz

    Kinz Guest

    Kelly, and I'm a guy named Kelly, although a nickname. Yeah, not many guys named Kelly. Did meet a big UPS driver named Kelly one time though. Photos still in camera. I'll send them tomorrow and maybe you can help with this. Thanks.
  4. What mode are you shooting in?

    Adjusting the shutter speed will to a slower setting will bring out the background more.
  5. Well remember - the flash will light up the subjects while the shutter speed will pick up the abient light in the room. Slowing down your shutter speed will (should) not affect the subjects and will allow more light from the background in.
  6. More details needed . I'm assuming you are using direct flash . Bounce flash off the ceiling would light everything evenly . As soon as you turn on the flash the camera sets default speeds - you can change those defaults so that if the camera normally selects 1/60th and the background gets dark you can rather set the default to something like 1/8th - the flash will freeze the subject .
    Switching to manual is usually the safest bet when indoors - something like F5.6 , 1/30th iso 400 to start with , once you have the settings for the background turn the flash on - or set it to slow-synch .
    ttl-bl is best used outdoors , my suggestion is stick with ttl and learn to adjust accordingly .
  7. Kinz

    Kinz Guest

    Ok, I'll try to send two shots. One with better lighting and one that is way too dark, which is how most come out. Hmmm, one problem, I have no "manage attachments" button. How do I send the photos?
  8. Kinz

    Kinz Guest

    ok, let's try this.[​IMG]
  9. Kinz

    Kinz Guest

    ok, that didn't work. I tried Picasa, but I'll try again.
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  11. Kinz

    Kinz Guest


    Ok, let's see if this does it.
  12. thanks for your reply, Kelly
    i will look at your images now
  13. kelly
    you have posted only 2 shots

    1. very dark, but there is NO EXIF intact
    so we cannot see the setting in your camera

    do you have that info?

    1. f/stop
    2. shutter speed
    3. ISO
    4. was flash used?

    the second image is pretty well exposed....
    not very interesting and the gal on the right who's REAR END is IN OUR FACE won't be happy that you posted THIS shot :rolleyes: 
  14. this is the one about which i'd like some info

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)
  15. there IS "INFO" there
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    it's hard to recover such UNDER-exposed images
    i await your word as to the settings
  16. i brightened that image for demonstration purposes only
    i know it looks bad.... (my "FIX")
  17. Kinz

    Kinz Guest

    Sorry. Flash used for both shots. Settings for the first one 1/250th, f3.8, ISO 1250. Second one: 1/60th, f8 But others have similar 1/250 f3.8 and too dark too. I'm thinking it might be the TTL setting. Shouln't have used TTL BL. I'm going to go back to same place and see if it changes. I know I can lighten it in Picasa, but it gets grainy.
  18. Please give complete data for each shot... shutter speed, aperture, iso, metering method, flash setting.
  19. with flash.... in YOUR situation....
    always shoot manual (to start)

    ISO 400

    that will help
  20. yes, TTL-BL might have hurt things, too
    that is quite correct
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