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    Aug 6, 2006
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    In July the family will go and visit Disney World again. Always a fun place and lots of photo opportunities. This year we will be doing the Backstage tour in Animal Kingdom and as we never done it before, I'm wondering if it's a nice photo tour as well. What can I expect?

  2. we did it a few years back, it's good fun, so far as I remember one of the neat things is for the jeep safari they take you through the reserve part much much slower than normal and stop and talk about the animals :smile:

  3. I haven't been on the backstage tour at Animal Kingdom, but if you're willing to make about a 1 hour drive, I would very highly recommend the safari tour at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay. They also take you out on a jeep and let you feed some of the grazers on the veldt (open grassy area).

    Here are some giraffe pictures I took (her face was literally right in front of the lens):



    You can also get a lot closer to some of the other wildlife at Busch Gardens than you can at Animal Kingdom (wouldn't recommend trying to feed them though! :biggrin: ). These were not taken with a long lens.


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