Backstage Beauty

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  1. I shot this actress on the day of the last performance (Joseph and the Amazing ...).
    I have to admit, when I first saw this pic on my monitor I was spell-bound and did not quite know where to start with post-processing. In fact, except for removing the micro-port on her right chin, there was little left to do - retouching a few skin blemishes, bring out her eyes a bit.
    One thing still to be done is to retouch the red veins in her eyes.
    Any other suggestions for improvement are welcome, of course, because I am already a blind from fascination :smile:

    Shot with D3, 85/1.4D @ ISO 800, 1/500, f/3.5, available light


  2. Captivating Harry! All I can suggest needing work are the few loose threads just in front of her left ear.
  3. Thanks Rich!

    Now that you mention it - I have already removed quite a lot of stray hair strands next to her left eye (forgot about that already). That's probably why the remaining loose threads didn't disturb me very much (it's all relative :smile:).

  4. Beautiful portrait!
  5. Thanks, Sonya!

  6. cwilt


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    I'm not on a calibrated monitor, so consider that with my comments.

    I think the face needs a little more contrast and saturation.
    Love the love eyes. Nice shot.
  7. Captivating image. One suggestion that I would make is to bring in just enough detail in her neck and shoulders so that her head does not appear to be floating in a sea of black. Nice eyes on your model.
  8. Thanks Charles!

    Must be your monitor then :smile::smile:.

  9. Thanks Gordon! Good point, I'll try that.