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Bag suggestions for my D700 w 24-70 ?

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by 56 Chevy, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. I would like to find a good backpack style bag -- (are they called "Top Loaders"? )

    I want to carry my D700 w 24-70 attached (hood reversed is OK) and 2 more lens -- with the usual misc stuff

    However, I want the bag to open from the top - and the camera sits lens down in the top of the bag (don't want / need side (fast) entry or anything like that -- as I already have those kinds of bags)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance
  2. IanT


    May 14, 2008
    London UK
    ThinkTank UD35 ?

    Add the shoulderstraps to make it a backpack or use as a shoulderbag - best of both worlds!
  3. Thanks -- I'll check it out
  4. drewstylz


    Dec 11, 2008
    A word of caution, the shoulder straps aren't padded and the upper portion clamps over the two handles on top making it difficult to take out items while the shoulder strap is connected. It's nice to have for extended use because the equipment can get rather heavy using only the shoulder strap but for frequent storage/changing of lenses, I would call it tedious or just unusable.

    I don't think there are any top-loading backpacks? There are plenty of shoulder bags and sling-style strap backpacks with side loading capability but no top-loading backpacks.

    After a couple bags, I'm finding that I would benefit the most from having a backpack for storage and another bag for in the field usage.

    I tried using a 6MDH but it doesn't fit too well with the D700 w/grip so I went with the TTUD35 and found it a great shoulder bag replacement that will fit with the 70-200 as well.
  5. drew
    I appreciate your comments -- and will check out the TTUD35
  6. IsamuM

    IsamuM Not-quite- Moderator

    Jan 11, 2009
    Tokyo, Japan
    Mountainsmith Quantum might be what you want. However, it has its quirks; e.g., you'll probably have to buy separate lens pouches for the two other lenses since I don't think it comes with cushioned dividers, and the main compartment opens on the side that comes into contact with your back. The latter is actually a good idea when you think about it, but it is different.
  7. opolione


    Mar 21, 2009
    Calabasas, CA
    +1 on the UD35, what a great bag.
  8. heiko


    May 15, 2005
    I have a Lowepro Classic, but it's not a top-loader. Anyway, I hardly use it since it's too big for me. I recently purchased the Lowepro Slingshot (I the midsize one, e.g. 20), but I changed it for a Kata 3N1-20. The Kata is a little bigger but much more robust. Since you said you already have a sling-type bag, I mention the Kata because it converts to a backpack by attaching the second shoulder strap. The shoulder straps can be attached in parallel (as with regular backpacks), or crossed. When crossed, you can turn it into a sling bag by just opening one buckle of a shoulder strap. So you get both types of bags in one. The 3N1-20 should be big enough to hold the D700 with a 24-70 attached, plus 2-3 smaller lenses. If you plan to have longer lenses (like the 70-200) you may want to look at the 3N1-30. Another advantage of the Kata is that it has a strap to attach it to a trolley, which is great when you travel on planes with a small trolley and don't need to shoulder the bag when in the airport.

    I bought a small Kata camera bag (I think the model was H12 or so) 5 years ago for my D70 and it saved my camera+lens many times. This is another reason I got the 3N1 for my D700, since the Slingshot cannot compare to it when carrying heavy cameras plus lenses.

    The only gripe I have with the 3N1 is that the shoulder straps are more narrow than the one on the Slingshot, which may be a little less comfortable to carry when using only the one shoulder strap without the belly strap. But that is a minor inconvenience to me.

    Good luck in your search and let us know what you found.
  9. splitpin


    Jul 29, 2009
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