Baja California #13 - Isla Rasa - Heermann's Gulls

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  1. We stopped at Isla Rasa in the northern end of the Sea of Cortes. We had hoped to see the 500,000 seabirds that nest on this small island. However, our scouting party found that the nesting phase had not started yet this year, so we took a zodiac cruise around the island to watch the birds in the dating phase.

    Almost 95% of the worlds population of Heermann's Gulls and also 95% of the Elegant Terns nest on this island, so it is a very important place.

    We found vast numbers of Heermann's Gulls resting on the water around the island waiting for whatever signal they get to go ashore and start nesting.




    As sunset neared the numbers seemed to increase:


    We will show the Elegant Terns in #14,
    Bob & Nan
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    the last on is simply killer!

    I've really enjoyed this series Bob & Nan. What an incredible location! I've never seen such diversity or density in so many species all in one place. Trip of a lifetime.
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    Beautiful setting
    Gorgeous pics