Baja California #16 - Sperm Whales - Collision At Sea?

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  1. Here are some more Sperm Whale photos from our Baja travels.

    This sequence is shot much closer to the ship that post #15. These are at 120mm. Several Sperm Whales were in a group in front of the ship. You can get a good look at that blowhole on the left side of the head:

    One whale either turned back on the rest of the group or surfaced from below going the wrong way. It almost collided with the other whales.:eek: :eek:

    I went to vertical to get a photo of the height of the blow, and suddenly there was the tail flukes of another whale just in front of the one I was photographing on a collision course:

    Lots of quick moves going on:

    I think the right one is slamming on the brakes :wink: :


    Back to horizontal to try to get more of the whale wreck:

    Total elapsed time (2nd photo to 6th) was 4 seconds!

    Bob & Nan
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