Baja California #25 - Photographing the Green Flash

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  1. There really is a "Green Flash", but it probably should be renamed the "Green Blink". If conditions are right at sunrise or sunset, usually clear skys, clean air, and a flat horizon, you will see a bit of green just at the first or last rays of sunlight. At sea you find those conditions more often than on land. It took several trys for me to see it, but I have now seen it many times. It helps to use binoculars, but you MUST be really careful if you do that.

    While on our adventures in Baja California I discussed with the Photo Expedition leaders, Ralph Hopkins and Bob Krist if it could be captured in a photograph. They had not done so (and Bob Krist was a bit of an unbeliever), but we decided that with a long telephoto and matrix metering, that I might try a -2.0 EV and see what happened. We had a good sunrise and most of those on deck saw the "Green Flash" as the sun hit the horizon.

    Here is what I got at 340mm and -2.0EV. This is cropped to actual pixels:


    If you look closely, there is some green just at each end of the sun. I think that is it.

  2. Nice colourful shots! They kinda look like cool flags.
    We get the sunset green flash here too.
    I wunder whats the story?
    School teachers would know...:confused:
  3. I have read about this, and been on the lookout for it when chance provided, but this is the first pic outside of a book that I have seen!! Real cool and thanks for posting.
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