Baja California #5 - Sand Dollar Beach

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  1. After the dawn landing on Magdalena Island (Baja #4) we returned for another landing after breakfast. This time we walked the 1/4 mile or so across the barrier island to Sand Dollar Beach on the Pacific Ocean side of the island.

    Lots of footprints from the dawn landing:

    Crossing the barrier island dunes from Magdalena Bay to the Pacific Ocean:

    The beach is very wide, 11 miles long, and no one is there except the 50 or so from the Sea Lion:
    Looking South:

    Looking West:

    Looking North:

    I'll put the shells and critters of the beach in post #6 (in birds and animals)

    Bob & Nan
  2. I like #5

    It really shows of the starkness and how big the beach really us!

    You also handled the lighting very well. My guess is these were taken durning the brighest part of the day and they don't appear to be that washed out.

    Nice work!
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow thats all just beautiful
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