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Bald Eagle

Discussion in 'Birds' started by CliffB, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. This handsome fellow is a resident of the animal habitat at Grandfather Mountain, in North Carolina.

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  2. Very nice portrait, Cliff. So majestic.
  3. Vienna Pics

    Vienna Pics

    Nov 14, 2005
    Great shot Cliff - wonderful rich browns.
  4. Great shot, Cliff

    Looks to be a older female bird
  5. Cliff, Tell me is this bird in some kind of containment? Is it in good health or a rehabbed bird that is a resident in this place? The reasons I ask is the color on the beak is in very good condition for a bird that is not able to eat it’s natural diet. Most raptors that are in confinement like a flight cage and are injured but cannot be released back to the wild are fed a diet of things they normally don’t eat and in time the color on the beak and feet change to a very pale whitish yellow. I can not say from the view if it be a male or female. For this to be told some math would need to be done to tell. On my home page
    www.loubuscher.com how to tell the gender of an eagle. If you look I hope you did well in math in school. The photo is a very nice on of the eagle.
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Beautiful bird and shot
  7. Very regal looking Cliff. Nice image for sure.
  8. Thanks, everyone.
  9. Lou: I really enjoyed viewing your website. You have a lot of wondertful shots. The eagle, in my shot, is captive, as she lost her right wing.

    I do not usually take bird shots, but, as you are obviously involved in bird rehab, you might enjoy a few shots, that I took one morning, at the Carolina Raptor Center, in Huntersville, North Carolina. http://www.pbase.com/cliffb/raptors
  10. Great portrait!

  11. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Yes exactly what I thought !
  12. Well Cliff they look like they are getting good care there. The Golden is a beauty and looks like a young bird. What I am not seeing on any of the birds are what they call Jesses. These are leather ties that go on the raptors legs so they can be picked up and handeled and help them to sit on the fist. At the center I go for they are used to controll the bird at a show which is the only way (other than donations) the center can raise money as no rehab center gets any support from the goverment Federal or State.
    Tell me did you enjoy seeing them up close?
  13. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006
    Really rich colors, very nice image.
  14. Thank you, Jose, Ben and Jeff.
  15. The staff at the Raptor Center are a very dedicated and caring group. All of the birds did have leather leads, attached to their legs. I cloned them out on most of my shots. You can still see parts of them, on some of the shots.

    I was there for a fund raising event. The Center's bookkeeper is a photographer (and, Nikon user, by the way). She devised an event where, on 3 saturday mornings, the Center is only open to photographers. Some of the birds are brought out of their enclosures, to be available for photographs. Up to 30 photographers, for a fee, are allowed at each session. Afterwards, contributed photographs are displayed at a local art gallery, where, after a gala and photo contest, they are auctioned off, for the benefit of the Center.

    As someone, who had never been to such a facility, the event was both enlightening and enjoyable. I think that I was hooked enough, that I will definitely be taking part in the event, again, next year; and, I will probably be visiting the Center before then.
  16. Good for you Cliff and you fooled me by cloneing out the Jesses. (Good job)
    I do hope the photos bring in some money for the center and by all means do go back. I am very lucky as I get to be in the flight cages all by my self and just sit with a bird for as long as I want and just watch it and look for a good photo opp as I then print up 5X7 photos for Foster Parents. These are people that make a donation to a single or group of birds and we send them a photo of their Foster bird every once in awhile so they can see how it's doing. Works well you may want to bring it to the centers attention in case they don't do it now and of cause you have to take the photos.:wink::wink:
  17. Gorgeous shot, love the rich green background as an offset! :smile:
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