Ball-on-bat x 2 (cross out) x 3 (see added post below)

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Harry Lavo, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. A short time ago I started a thread on the DSLR forum lamenting the lack of fps speed in the D50 and D80 (this was in part the frustration that led me recently to purchase a used D1H). Some in the thread argued that speed was not important, that a purist shoots sports with "one click" anyway and shouldn't use continuous shutter. Others argued that for some things, one click was best and for others, continuous. And if you shoot continuous, more fps increases the odds of success.

    I offer in evidence that continuous works for catching ball on bat, and that faster is better. D50 at 3 fps (twice now in 1-1/2 seasons). But with a much higher probability of success using a 5 fps or better camera (D1H once now in two games).

    D50: 1/2000s f/4.8 at 85.0mm iso200

    D1H: 1/400s f/2.8 at 105.0mm iso1250 or 1600

    BTW, the Giants won today and cinched the Northern Division NECBL title. Playoffs start with home field advantage tomorrow night. I'm going to be in pig-heaven.

    Questions, comments, criticisms, and catcalls all welcome.
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  2. Now two out of three

    Actually make that two out of three games for the D1H. Here's the ball-on-bat from tonight's 11-inning game (which the Giants won):

    1/500s f/2.8 at 92.0mm isoHi-1(3200)
  3. Harry,

    You're coming along way, very well.

    I agree, a faster fps rate makes it easier to get the elusive bat on ball picture.

    I also appreciate that you don't, at this time, do a lot of post processing. (I've shot film at ASA 1600, so digital noise is not a big deal in my life, as a comparison) however, if I might suggest that you level your horizons....

    Some of these shot, and others you've posted, have to much angle where you and I might not expect it in normal newspaper shots.

    JMHO, and if you think I'm out to lunch, give me a call and we can have beer....
  4. You are right, Mark. I have to remind myself to straighten shots....and sometimes on one like this I miss it completely...because overall I like the composition and kinda look past the fence in the background. But I do know you are right...keep bugging me, and I'll buy you the beer.... :smile:
  5. Oldtime


    Jul 5, 2006
    Durham, NC
    Harry , it looks like the D1H has found a good home
    keep at it
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