Banding Western Screech-Owls

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  1. Early this a.m., we joined a bunch of local Audubon experts (and families w/ little kids) for banding and data-gathering / archiving of Western Screech Owls. It was a *really cold* and drizzly 40°, especially after last week’s 85° temps. An authorized US Forest Service bander drove over from Rifle, and she investigated 5 nest boxes (using surveyor's poles with a camera atop): all five were active, with females in them. Four had youngsters that were too young & tiny to band (see next sentence), and in the 5th, the mom was incubating two eggs. Very cool fact about the 5 females: 2 had been banded here in GJ as adults (see previous sentence), and one was banded in 2010, meaning that she was at least 8 years old. There have only ever been 9 records of these owls exceeding 7 yrs old in the wild, and now there are 10. :)Attaching a snap of her beautiful and successful self as she was being banded.

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    Great story and image.
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    Great story and photo! I recently saw my first owl in the wild....a screech owl in Florida!
  4. As with the others, great story/image and thanks for sharing...! :)
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    Wonderful story and great picture