Barefoot at sunset

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  1. I just returned from a week of water skiing with my family. One of our instructors wanted to show off his new found barefoot skills. I've never seen this from the boat, but I must say it was quite impressive! Going 40mph on your bare feet is not something I would even contemplate.
    The sun was setting, so the light was tough.
    1. Tough start.
    2. Tough light, but I like this one.

    3. Cruising.

    4. Feel the power!
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  2. Nice work Mitch
    Shooting from the boat is alot of fun and the perspective can't be beat
  3. Thanks, Randy. I shoot all my water ski photos from the boat. I've gotten pretty good at getting keepers when we ski at 30mph. This guy was going 40mph which was an entirely different story. I had a lot of trouble keeping him in the frame let alone in focus!
  4. Great photos but 40 mph barefoot. Ouch!
  5. Walter


    Jan 13, 2006
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    Walter Rowe
    Nice set of pictures Mitch. Barefoot skiing is challenging. Two friends of mine learned when we were in college. You have to toughen up your feet and practice quite a bit. Getting up has its own set of challenges, depending on whether you start with a ski and drop it or you come up straight to your feet. And stopping when your done is just as interestin. It isn't so simple as dropping the rope with a ski underneath you and gliding to a nice stop.
  6. That second shot is especially wonderful! The lighting really makes it!

    I used to waterski when I was a teen and it was fun but I cannot imagine doing it barefoot! I thought I was hot stuff when I graduated from two skis to just one (slalom)...... LOL! Yes, one's feet would have be toughened up significantly, as otherwise that water could really sting. Whew......
  7. Butlerkid

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    Wonderful set! Especially the last one! My husband grew up skiing on the lakes of east Tennessee and used to barefoot ski. Not any more! LOL!
  8. These would be a great addition to this week's Collective Shoot which has the theme of feet/feat. Water Skiing on your feet certainly qualifies!
  9. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Thanks for looking, Walter. I've seen people barefoot before, but never from the boat. You're right about stopping. The falls at this high speed were hard to watch. I know my old body would be sore for weeks. This young guy is a collegiate decathlete. He just shook those falls off with a big grin.
  11. Ray Vonn

    Ray Vonn

    Feb 27, 2016
    Simple really, its no.2 that's the best of the bunch for me anyway, I love the contrast and the way the light shines on the water.
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