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Baseball at Newport, RI

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Harry Lavo, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Went down Wednesday night to see the Holyoke Sox team play the Newport Gulls in their wonderful old ballpark. Happily, the Sox beat the Gulls 8-6.

    Light was a problem. As the game started a cold grey mist blew off the ocean, blocking out the sun and greating a haze that obscured every picture. The haze lifted and a late setting sun shown for perhaps 30 minutes midway through the game, followed by darkness and one of the dimmest fields I have ever shot on. Unfortunately, this latter condition was when much of the action occured.

    Mumble...mumble...all this is an excuse for not getting many really good pictures. But while the sun was out I did get some decent individual pictures of some of the Sox in their handsome new blue uniforms, and a few shots under the miserable lighting were passable. So if you are easily bored you can skip these....but if you like budding young pro athletes they may well be worth a look.

    The starting pitchers for the two teams:

    #1 (Pretty intense Sox pitcher)

    #2 (Straight overhand delivery)

    #3 (Gulls pitcher had great, high kick)

    #4 (And he really stretched during his delivery)

    Some individual Holyoke players:

    #5 (Digging for third on a single to left)

    #6 (He scored from here - second base - a bit later)

    #7 (Returning to dugout after a ground-out)

    A few captured plays:

    #8 (Following the throw to first for a double play)

    #9 (Being hit by pitch)

    #10 (Out at second)

    The Gulls mascot.

    #11 (Kids love him/her):
  2. Harry these seem way overly processed. Seems like a lof of Noise reduction. Other than that the shots look good.
  3. Yeah, Geof, none of them are particularly good except for a few in sunlight. Even DxO which generally does a good job didn't do very well with these...some that look like noise reduction are due to having to bring up contrast through the haze, and the ones taken after dark just have way too much contrast...and I couldn't use d-lighting because the underlying noise was too great. I've got to write it off as just a bad night, I think. Far and away the worst pictures I've shot this season.
  4. Geof, your comment got me to wondering why my normal processing seemed to be so ineffective this time. I went and checked the banks in the camera, and sure enough, my "sports" bank had had high-iso noise reduction turned on and D-lighting set to "high". No wonder. Normally both these are turned off.

    When I got ready to shoot wednesday, I just flipped the shooting menu and the custom settings menu into sports as I normally do without checking the settings. I had been using the single-shot/adobe setting in the days prior.

    Mystery solved. But a shoot spoiled. And a lesson learned, I guess.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2008
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