Baseball Night South Bend

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Zeeman, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Zeeman

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    Please a little help. I have tried to post a photo with no luck. How do I do it...
  2. topher04r1

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    Usually i use photobucket (3'd party) to host my photos then from there i click the link under my photo that says IMG code and copy and paste that in to my thread where i want my photos ...

    give it a shot, i'm looking forward to seeing your photos !!
  3. Zeeman

    Zeeman Guest

    Thank You

    I posted one please review
  4. Zeeman.... I look forward to seeing your pics. Must be Silverhawks of South Bend, right? I have family in the area and my dad was born in SB. I saw the Silverhawks play one evening last June...great team, great game! Silverhawks won, of course and I have pics from that event too.

    Let's see yours, Zeeman! :biggrin: