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    Apr 1, 2008
    First I wanna say this is a great site now the question picked up a nice Nikkormat Ft at a yard sale a clean black beauty But i need some battery info I understand the old mercs are gone any info please or can I use the 1.5 without burning up the insides Thank You very Much
  2. Just pick up some zinc air hearing aid batteries.
  3. air zinc hearing aid batteries/adapter

    The Nikkormat will take a WEIN cell [air/zinc], which can be found at the better photo stores. However these cells cost $8.00 each as an average. There are adapters so that you can use a hearing aid [air/zinc] cell which comes in a package of 6 for $6 at your local drugstore.

    Adapters for Duracell 675 hearing aid batteries for the F, F2 etc. can be found at: