BCNH from Saturday's Outing, Acrobatic Theme

Discussion in 'Birds' started by helmet155, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. This guy is currently my favorite subject to photograph. He likes me and poses for me and has some experience being photographed so he knows which angles are best.

    There was so much action from Satuday it's going to take me a week to go through all of them, but here's my favorite guy right now.

    Thanks for looking ;)

  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Excellent shot Brett. :smile:
  3. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Looks like you had a productive and fun weekend, Brett
    Like the comp. here
  4. radz


    Nov 12, 2005
    Nice inflight shot!Is it Gray heron?
  5. Nice shot Brett!

    What lens?
  6. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  7. Hi Paul, I agree, the frame is garbage. I made some custom frames while bored at work and tried to duplicate them while on my home PC, but I was too impatient.

    I will work the frame up tonight and re-post, look forward to hearing more from you ;)

    One thing that caught my eye, the knee joints!!
  8. Jim I was using the Sigma 300/2.8 with a 2.0xTC for this shot.

    Thank you for looking and thanks for the compliment.

  9. Radz this is a Black Crowned Night Heron :cool:
  10. I am so envious I really want to get soem decent shots of these guys, very cool shot
  11. Here is a revision to the framing action that looks better, IMO

  12. Cool shot, Brett! The body in this kind of position sure looks funky! And I love his knees! :wink:
  13. Hey there Brett that dude looks familiar...

    Better frame as well.. Yep those knee joints and feet are pretty interesting...

    So you want to use my D2X for a hour eh?
  14. The knees are neato and something not often seen, thanks for looking in and the compliment Kevin :cool:
  15. If you'd let me play with the D2X for a little bit (an hour is a lot to ask for though) that would be awesome! I'm so on the fence between a D2Hs, D200 or D2X...

    The frame is less distracting for sure, thanks to Paul for pointing it out ;)
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