Be careful what you wish for - help, advice needed...

Nikon Cafe Pros:
Because some of my pictures have been brought the to attention of a local wildlife preserve, they've asked to meet with me about using (some of) them for their publications. Of course, as an amateur, I'm honored and flattered. As a potential 'semi-pro', I'm concerned about misrepresting myself, asking for too much, asking for too little, etc.
Need, then, advice on how to handle introductory meeting about this, given these data points:
Portfolio? Don't have one.
Prices? No idea.
Copyrights, exclusive use of pictures? Understand the concepts only.
Any / all advice welcome.
Thanks in advance
Here is a place to start for pricing.

As to the rest, avoid anything that says "in perpetuity". Always put a time limit on use 1-5 years. Also the usage is for that medium only. If they buy it to make a calendar and then use it for post cards, they need to renegotiate use for the post cards.

Portfolio: Web site? if not how quickly could you throw one together. Or you could burn a DVD of your best images. Time probably prevents you from preparing a hard copy of your portfolio. When selecting images only pick your best. A portfolio of 20 great images is better than one of 100 where 2/3 are mediocre. For myself I am considering printing 2 or 3 different coffee table books for use as portfolios. (as well as others) can print those and do layout with downloaded software.

Hope some of that helps.
Thanks. I've got a website up and will pare it down to the best 15-20 prior to meeting. These I'll put on a CD.
Appreciate the advice.