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  1. so yesterday I had a chance to explore the great outdoors in Minneapolis and go to the beach with a model. This had all the things that a good after school special has; the model was late, make up artist was late, and we finally got to the beach by 8:20pm... and makeup was done by about 8:30.

    So I had about 20 min of good shooting time before sunset.

    Now before in the day (and more to the point of this thread) I had a choice between getting my A/C in the window or going to the camera shop and getting some filters for my flash... ideally I'd make a trip to a light shop and get a gel sample pack, but that will have to wait.

    But anyway, it's about 80-90 and humid here, and two people were going to be in my apartment, so it was an easy choice to get the A/C in.

    So while the model and I were waiting for my make up artist (I do love her to death, so some of this is in jest) I took a yellow receipt and put it between the business end of my flash and my little plastic dome deal. I couldn't believe how much that warmed up the picture, and did it in a good way!


    I have about 4 or 5 good pictures that really look good, and another 2-3 that are ok, it's just a matter of finding time to edit them now.

    Also, note that we all need to be very very careful about what we're letting the camera focus on. I have a lot of great sharp shots of the shoreline about 1/2 away on the other side of the lake... seems like its' hard to hold the camera steady, hold the flash in my other hand, and try to compose a shot while holding the focus on the model.
  2. You do know that all we really care about is seeing some of these pictures from the beach, right? :wink:
  3. yeah I'm going to post some of them, as soon as I can sit down for a while and do some editing.

    Seems that a yellow flash will give someone yellow teeth and eyes, so that has to be corrected. Nothing major, but something I didn't have time for last night.

    oh and I have an addition to my first post...


    Two Rules of Beach Photography!

    1) the wind needs to blow a models dry hair around.
    2) if there is no wind the models hair needs to be wet.

  4. Ray C.

    Ray C.

    Nov 7, 2005
    My thoughts exactly...as long as they weren't portraits shot with a 300mm. :rolleyes: 

    This was more like "Beach Excuses."
  5. Like I told my friend... well a few things.

    - I want to yell at the people on shore and not the model.
    - I want to be in the water whilst taking pictures of girls in the water, not be 50 feet inland sitting on picnic bench with a big tripod.
  6. Ray C.

    Ray C.

    Nov 7, 2005
    Sorry mate, I think you missed not only the sarcasm...but the point as well. :wink:

  7. yeah well, when I stand up fast I get dizzy - I love hangovers.
  8. DrewC


    Jan 30, 2007
    Denver, CO
    which lake? i've been away from the cities too long to recognize it
  9. DrewC


    Jan 30, 2007
    Denver, CO
    ohh.. and somethin else... great pics... would you ever consider waterproofing an extra sb800 and lighting up underwater as well... (heavy duty ziploc?)
    i had seen this done once before, and it was great...
  10. Good balanced lighting on this lovely young lady. The first is my favorite. Your horizon line on the second image is off, for some reason this always bothers me on water shots.
  11. nope, because that costs money and it would get my hand wet.

  12. thanks!

    It'd be easy to fix that line, I'll just copy the horizon from the top one, make a new layer, and just cut her head out.

    in a few days when I have more time to work on these shots.

    yeah the flash was getting a workout trying to shoot though that paper, it was just on ttl the whole time and I really didn't have to mess with it too much. Although I'm suprised it didn't die on me... took about 40-50 pictures in 15 min or so before my batteries totally gave out.

    Then my focus was giving me problems, it's hard holding a flash off to the side then composing a shot with autofocus on the model. I guess I could have put it on manual, but that would have led to a whole new set of problems.

    but we got about 4 great images that seem pretty cool, at least I'm proud of them.
  13. andrew, i like the first one. the second seems a bit soft in the eyes. it seems like you are focusing on the body rather than the eyes. either focus on the eyes and recompose or close the aperture more. i suggest the former of the two because the background is a little distracting as it is in these shots. f/2.8 would solve this. also, the horizon in the second is tilted.
    good work.
  14. sorry, i didn't see that somebody had mentioned the horizon. disregard that.
  15. it's fixed, as well as the eyes...

    I was just tickled pink to have some shots that were close to sharp!
  16. marksayer

    marksayer Guest

    They are cracking shots!

    what camera/flash settings did you use???

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