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Bear ! B E W A R E !!!! LOL

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Keith, May 21, 2005.

  1. Well got back yesterday from my 3 day adventure out in the wilderness. Rented a cabin 25miles in the back country to shoot hummingbirds. Absolutely beautiful scenery, I heard serenity now, serenity now.......
    On the second day, I went out in the field and watched hummingbirds feed on wildflowers, layed down in the grass to get some shots. Was out there about an hour, and I heard this rippppp, crunch crunch. couple of minutes later same thing, kept messing up my bird shots. Told my sister to keep it quiet back there, then it happened again, then I sat up, and wholly :shock: :shock: (you know what). Knee jerk reaction, was grab the camera, got a couple of shots, then he did NOT like the shutter sound, then I thought I was in doo doo........... the owner drove by and layed on the horn and it took off into the bush. Not sure what would have happen and would rather not think about it, but that was my close in counter. 1/2 hour later my heart slowed back down and a few drinks that night got me back to sleep. 350 pound bear no biggie, yeah right! Im not a little guy but 15 feet was just a little too close for comfort. Thank god he was into grass and dandelions for dinner! Had to share, LOL................Lots of hummers, elk, deer, wild turkey, bears obviously. Best part was this was not a park, but actual wild, nice to think there is still places like this to this day. Did I say this place was beautiful, bottom of a mountain, snow capped, lots of creeks, rivers, greenery :lol: ..............but very little sun for 3 days, but wouldnt have changed a thing. Will definitely be doing a repeat visit........

    First shot out of the camera

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    Caught him out in the same field the day after eating grass, this time on my terms LOL...........this side of the fence!

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  2. OMG!!!!! Keith, that's amazing...and scary! That's waaaay too close for comfort. I don't think I would have had the presence of mind to get off any shots in that situation...although running isn't such a great idea either...I probably would have just fainted, LOL.
  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Keith, I can bearly believe that you didn't get eaten.... :lol:

    Great shots.
  4. Bear's are nothing to mess with and they are impossible to outrun (except maybe downhill if you are lucky. Great captures.
  5. Beautiful bear pictures Keith, not often you can get or want to be that close.

    Sounds like it was a great trip, can't wait to see more pictures.

  6. Hi Janet........

    Well it didnt hit me till after, talk about being caught off guard........all things considering not sure what the right thing to do was, running wasnt one of them. Start carrying pepper spray and dont go alone! ...........something to tell the grand kids one day. LOL One thing to hear stories, nothing thing to live it. Now I can say, been there, done that! :wink:
  7. well

    thanks Frank, your all heart. :lol: :lol: In reflection, Im surprised, thank god for the owner driving by, not sure what would have happened :?

    Gordon, we were at the bottom of the mountain, no hill to go down. LOL.........and I wasnt going to run, tried to stay still, was down wind. Didnt pay a whole lot of attn to me until he heard that Nikon shutter click, jumped up off all 4 feet.....yep too close for comfort!

  8. Hi Martin.....

    Hi Martin, it was a blast, never a dull moment, a week or two early for hummers, but shot 6 GB's worth so sure I can pick one or two :wink:
    hate to see what it is like when there is more. They are fun to watch, very territorial and have a pecking order. The males are beautiful. My hardest one to capture was the black chin, the rufous would not allow him to come near. The rufous's rulled the roust out of all the hummingbirds. What a neat experience. now just got to post process, hopefully I will have a couple up tomorrow!

  9. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Great story and images, Keith. Thankfully, you weren't injured and can laugh about the ordeal now. You know you have photography in your blood when your desire for capturing a great image overcomes your necessity to preserve your own well-being.

    Good Job......
  10. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    A BIG TEDDY BEAR !!!!!!!!

    Now you weren't afraid of a teddy bear were you ?????

    with camera in hand. No fear. Get the damn shot !!!!


    Wow what a prize to come home with. Printed framed....BIGGGG
  11. NeilCam


    Feb 21, 2005
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Stunning shots Keith! Don't ya just hate it when those errant noises and wandering animals interrupt your birdie shots. However, 15 feet is way too close for my comfort level. Then again so is 150 feet. :) 

  12. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    WOW, Keith! Great story and great shots! Not sure I would have had the presence to snap the shots while I was looking for cover! Glad you were able to post these rather than the alternative!
  13. Hope those were with the 400mm not the 12-24mm!!!

    We were able to get quite close to the very large brown bears in Alaska last summer. Seeing them from the platforms seemed safe, but crossing their paths on the trail to the stands was very spooky.

    This was shot at 80mm from the platforms

    You might want to check out the writeup I did in "Places to Shoot" here

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2017
  14. Keith, no problem as long as you didn't smell like grass or dandelions. Oh, wait, you were LAYING in the grass and dandelions, weren't you? Oh, heck, still no problem, all you had to do was to take off all of your clothes and the bear would have been attracted to them for the smell, yeah, that's the ticket. Then you could have taken a self-portrait of you running nekked through the meadow with the bear munching on your clothes :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Then again, maybe that was the owner's trained "scare the you-know-what" out of the tourists bear...... :wink:

    Glad all turned out well and that you didn't have to give that Bear a lickin'. I have had a couple of close encounters in my much younger years, and don't want to have any more.

    Looking forward to the hummer shots, sounds like it was a grand trip.
  15. Thanks Frank and Gale, and yes Gale I am now scared of Teddy Bears. LOL...............I admit it, Im past the denial stage now. ;-)

  16. Hi Neil and Don...........thanks for taking the time to comment. and Neil, yes you get it! It is anoying, LOL..........but that kind of excitement I can do without!!! Getting too old for that..........LOL

  17. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    Those images are worth the scare..

    They are top notch.

    Moose Peterson would be proud of you. :>)))))
  18. Hi Bob........

    These were taken with my 70-200mm w/ 1.4TC ......... getting pics that close with the 12-24mm would have been what the game warden found with the camera in his stomach and that would have been the last shot. :?

    Great pics, 85mm and grizzly bears, were you in a cage. LOL.............nice captures, little bears do look adorable!
  19. Bill.........

    bill your a nut, LOL..................now wouldnt that be a site and a half, would make funniest home videos! Think I would need atleast a 1/500 sync flash for that.............oh yeah didnt have a flash on! :p 
  20. Outstanding photos in light of the surprise!
    It is amazing how loud these shutters are to game animals. I have experienced reactions in animals I have taken photos of, albeit, not nearly as romantic an adventure as yours.
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