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  1. so at our Thanksgiving dinner on Monday we remarked that we hadn't encountered our usual bear visitors in our yard....evidence of their presence was there, but no visual sightings. My trusty dog Trooper and I were sitting on the living room couch watching sports on the TV when this big black critter competing with the birds for sunflower seeds at the bird/bear feeder. Now that in itself would not have been unusual except for the fact that this was at 5:30 in the evening and our feeder is 6-8 ft from our living room window.

    So Trooper understandably got excited and commenced to barking up a storm and attempting to get at the intruder through our living room window ( triple glazed 6 ft windows was a sufficient impediment) Nevertheless it was enough to scare away the bear:
    Bye bye:

    But when it got to the end of my driveway and almost to our roadway something got it scared and turned it around and back it came:

    For another visit:

    In hindsight I realized that not 10 minutes before Trooper was doing his thing running loose in the yard chasing squirrels.....Could have been .....
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  2. Well that's scary and in spite of that you got some good images of the bear.
  3. Thanks Gordon
  4. Nice catch there Bob. We get them coming through our property too, from time to time. I'm glad your dog was inside for this encounter.
  5. Thanks Fred...he wasn't hard to miss, and thankful that Trooper was inside with me.
  6. Looks very healthy and ready for a long winter nap.
  7. Maybe the squirrels scared the bear :rolleyes: :D 
  8. he does that for sure
    they're aggressive enough
  9. What a beauty Bob, great shots. We have them in our backyard but usually in the middle of the night tearing at my suet feeder and garbage cans.
  10. Thanks Louis.... This one hasn't learned to be shy or the need to avoid the daytime yet..
  11. Nice images with an interesting story Bob. Trooper seems to be under risk if they come and go often. May be you should put a fence around your garden to keep Trooper safe. BTW there seems to be a bluish color cast in #1, #2 and #4.
  12. Trooper is now always on a leash in the company of one of us, so he's never left alone outside, Shooting through a less than clean window could have contributed to the image quality. These images were posted as snapshots of an event at the house.
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