Beauties from Biot

Discussion in 'People' started by Gunnerisac, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. In the small village of Biot (Provence France) we spotted this coffee klatch of peasant women.


    Thought you'd enjoy this!

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    Your image is showing as a red 'x' for me. When direct-linking to a PBase image, instead of

    http: //

    the URL should look like

    http: //

    The first URL might work some of the time for some people, but is not guaranteed to work due to the way PBase handles direct linking via multiple internal servers.

    For more info see

    The picture is nice, looks like a snapshot from another time.
  3. I went to pbase to see the shot and am glad I did! You caught a wonderful moment in time. I love the composition, too! Reminds me of the elderly ladies that would congregate after church when I was a kid!!
  4. Hi Kevin--We still laugh when rememberingthat day and how I had to try and hide behind my wife before they saw the camera.

    I have tried every kind of link to get this photo on, but n othing sems to work.

  5. I just came back to look and the picture appears for me. It could be because I went to pbase first. Often when that happens, the pic reappears the next time I view the thread. I don't use pbase so unfortunately I can't help with the linking.
  6. That's pbase! Excellent hosting site with a lot of idiosyncracies (sp?).

  7. These Coffee Klatch women don't look too happy. Love the shot.
  8. Thanks. A good reason to learn the game of golf or nature photgraphy trekking!

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