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Been a while...

Discussion in 'Night, InfraRed, and UltraViolet Photography' started by Czechman01, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. ... since I posted anything in this forum, but I now have more time on my hands so I went out and grabbed a couple shots and spend way too much time processing them.

    All shot with my IR modded D100

    I try to stay away from Diffuse Glow but I felt it added something worthwhile to this. Nikkor 12-24

    No DG here. Nikkor 18-200 VR

    "Blessed are the early dead"
  2. Wow Woody, those are powerful. It is hard for me to pick a favorite.
  3. Back with a vengeance! Very nicely done.
  4. MarkM


    Dec 20, 2005
    Tampa Florida
    Yeah, what they said. I really like these, as usual, you never disappoint when you post. The angle of the building in the first image really adds to the look - almost twilight zone looking to me.

    All are great

  5. I really like the first one. How do you add the DG?

  6. Nice shots there Woody.
  7. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Good stuff Woody! Nice processing too. It's good to see you back in this forum. I'm inspired to post here as well.
  8. ga_d_five-o


    May 13, 2006
    NE GA, USA
    Hi Woody,
    #1 is incredible...I love the IR affect, but the angle of the building front makes it look like just a fascade that will tip over when the wind comes. (and the clouds are suggesting that). Fascinating composition.

    #2 Great sense of depth, but I also like the diagonal that runs dark to light from the upper left corner to the lower right.
    The gas pump is waiting--

    #3 One could almost walk past the sad etching on the stone, into the area of light beyond the gnarled tree trunk.

    Excellent art, thoroughly enjoyed!
  9. These are great Woody and I really like the tonal range in them. Excellent processing. The last one is a very strong image with a great story.
  10. Thanks Jon, the Diffuse Glow is a filter in Photoshop under Distort... for some unknown reason :confused:  Only problem is you have to Flatten your layers and convert to 8 bit to use it.
  11. Thank you to everyone who commented.

    It takes me quite some time to to get what comes out of the camera to look like these. I'm winding up with about 6 layers comprised of various portions of the image with 3 different blending modes. The sky is the biggest challenge.

  12. randyr5


    Jan 14, 2006
    WOW. Great stuff.
  13. Number one and two are excellent, but number three is really amazing. You captured a somber moment in time and the IR processing takes my breath away. Congratulations Woody. I look forward to more posts.
  14. Beautiful work here Woody. Also impressive that you are using the 18-200 on your modded d100.
  15. I must have a spectacular copy of that lens because I'm always very happy with what I get from it, and since my IR is so heavily processed I really don't need the kind of magic one gets from lenses like the 85/1.4, 28-70/2.8, etc. That lens stays on that camera... makes things very simple.
  16. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    They are all great, but the graveyard is spooky!
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