Bees, Beetles and Blooms

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  1. Did another walk-around the yard this morning. Here are the results. Nothing exciting, but I hope you enjoy them.

    Red Bell Pepper blossom from the garden

    Beetle? "There ought to be something good to eat somewhere!"
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    Uuummm, this is delicious!
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    Yeh, but not as good as this coneflower
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    I can't eat another bite ... Burp!
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    Footnote: I don't know if beetles eat those petals or not, but it sounded like a good story.
  2. Ha!! Love the first shot! Looks like your bee and beetle are having a feeding frenzy!!
  3. Thanks Crystal.
  4. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Fine shots Tom. I love that little beetle. Very beautiful.
  5. what did you do that ladybug, spit shine it first? great shots and the bell bloom is nice and sharp.

  6. Thanks Torben, he is a cute little creature. Very colorful. He would hide underneath the petal, and when I would put my finger near him, he would come back to the topside.

    Thank you Laurie, he (or she) does have a nice shine. This is the first I have photographed a bell pepper blossom. Didn't realize there was that much detail deep down inside. I love this lens!
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