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  1. Yesterday, I was in La Tuque, QC shooting a 12 hours motocross and ATV event. They had 2 different tracks: 1 was 6.3 km long for the motocross and the other was 4.2 km for the ATVs. They hold 3 - 4 hour sessions. The first one is Saturday afternoon from 1 PM to 5 PM. The second one is from Saturday at 9 PM to Sunday morning at 1 AM and the last leg of the race was held this morning from 10 AM to 2 PM.

    I met Bianca Beaudet, one of the top female ATV rider in the province of Québec. This young woman is cute and she's as sweet as pie and she knows her way around a track on her Kawasaki ATV.

    Here a 3 pictures that were taken during during the first leg.

    Before the race. Bianca autographed calendars for her fans.

    During the race. Bianca negociates a tricky corner.

    After 75 minutes on the track while one of the 2 female partners is racing on the track.

    It's too bad I couldn't stay for the night race and for the last leg. This is a huge event and it would have been fun to stay there the whole time. Hopefully, will be there again next year and I'll be able to attend the whole event.

    I can't wait to see Bianca later this season during another race.
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