Belleville MI Waterski Show and Festival

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  1. Belleville Lake Waterski club is doing their ski show again this year during the Belleville Strawberry Festival. Here's the Festivals link

    Ski show will be off High Street, right over the bridge into downtown at 3:00 on Saturday. Early visitors can capture good locations about 45 minutes early on the community pier. Any level works, lowest level is probably best, have the jump on your right, so you can capture the jumpers. I will not be available to meet with anybody before the event. Practice at site location wednesday, thursday, and friday, at approximately 6:00. Restaurant just north of the show site is a great place to eat and enjoy adult beverages, but too far away for photography. Practice sessions will usually flow very badly, with slip ups, and will not contain all the acts. Parking during show will be difficult, in the past they have offered transportation, not sure if they are offering it again...just checked, they are offering it from meijers parking lot

    Some of the acts we will have
    air chair
    generation ski (7-75?)
    barefooting, maybe an appearance by a world ranked pro...still working on that
    around the boat TWO skiers!
    Clown act
    Jump act
    ballet line
    among others.
    Here's the link to the clubs past photo events
  2. Kerry Pierce

    Kerry Pierce

    Jan 7, 2006
    Thanks for posting the info. I'm hoping that I can make it out there. :smile:
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