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best 1600 and 3200 ISO amongst d2h d2hs d2x d200

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bonnerkopf, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. bonnerkopf


    Nov 16, 2007
    Any thoughts which has the best high ISO qualities at 1600 and 3200 amongst the d2h, d2hs and d2x?

    As a side note, how many MB is a typical d2h NEF and a d2hs NEF file size.

    Any samples would be appreciated!
  2. No idea how large the D2H NEFs are but as far as noise is concerned, the D2Hs wins, closely followed by the D200.

  3. 1. D200 (barely...)
    2. D2Hs (maybe better crisp detail, but more destructive noise too than the D200)
    3. D2H (in RAW it's a near-twin to the D2Hs, but jpgs definitely need help)
    4. D2X (wasn't designed to be a high ISO star)

    If high ISO is a PRIMARY concern for you, none of these bodies can call low-light ambient shooting their FORTE. They're all capable enough with proper exposure and a little careful PP, but none will even compare to the most recent bodies (D3/D700/D300/D90). I've used basically all these cameras (save the D90) and owned D300, D700, D2H, D200, while having used the D2X a fair bit too. And high ISO ambient shooting is my main assignment, so I've used them enough to compare.

    Keep in mind too, there's more to high ISO performance than just analyzing sheer noise levels in the dark shadows. Give me a camera that gets good detail and color saturation into the photos in the areas you expose for anyday over one that smears and lacks contrast but keeps actual noise patterns more controlled.
  4. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    d200/85 1.4 @1.4, in cam nr turned off, 3200iso

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  5. Of those you listed

    Of those you listed which has the best high iso... Well the D2Hs of course, out of camera without noise reduction as is... Now if I was to use noise ninja on those... Well I'd have to purchase it first but you get the idea.

    The best high ISO setting for the D2Hs is ISO 1250 but ISO 1600 is very usable and the ISO 3200 can be pretty good as well - the secret is to nail the white balance.

    ISO 1600

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    View attachment 257988

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    ISO 3200

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  6. Tosh


    May 6, 2005
    I've owned all those bodies with the exception of the D2X.
    I found the D2HS was better at high iso's.
  7. Before the D300 and D3 - the D2Hs ruled in terms of high ISO imagery in the Nikon camp.

    Once I purchased the D300 - I essentially stopped using the D2Hs shortly after because the metering of the D300 was so much superior to the D2Hs that I had better results time after time with the D300 - then came the D3 which blew the D300 away in everything.

    What I loved on the D2Hs was the small files - and color rendition when exposed properly - forget about high ISO for a sec - how often do you need high ISO up to 3200? The D300 at 3200 is pretty noisy in the shadows but that does not matter - the color rendition, skin tones of the D2Hs are just bang on all the time - truly a film like rendering as well (But I may be totally off my markers here...)

    The D2X (D2Xs) is the Nikon camera with the best IQ IMHO - the few shots I took with a D2X just blew me away - superior IQ - so much so that even as the D3 is good - it does not have as good an IQ as the D2X but the D3 beats the D2X in all other areas...

    The D200... well I never truly tried it so I can't say - all I can say is that straight out of the camera - the D2Hs has better high ISO files - highly usable at ISO 1250.

    The NEF files of the D2Hs are 6.5 megs ... and you don't need the latest and greatest computer to handle them a 5 year old laptop with 500MB of memory can handle them easily (That's what I used to have...)

    Where are you located in Canada?

    D2Hs ISO 800

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    ISO 1000 Hand Held

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    View attachment 257996

    ISO 1600

    View attachment 257997

    View attachment 257998

    View attachment 257999

    More ISO 1600

    View attachment 258000

    View attachment 258001

    View attachment 258002

    View attachment 258003

    View attachment 258004

    You guessed it I shot more at 1600 than I ever did at 3200 but I am willing to get more shots at either 1600 or 3200 ...

    And now ISO 1250 with the D2Hs ...

    View attachment 258005

    View attachment 258006

    View attachment 258007
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2008
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