best bag for longer glass 400+

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  1. i am in the market for a bag big enough for a 400/2.8 + D2x... and with growth for a 500/4...

    the lowepro lens trekker 600 has been recommended by the local camera store... anybody have recommendations?... i would surely appreciate the help...
  2. The lens trekker 600 is a very nice bag. Holds a 600 with body.
  3. thank you... but i was wondering if there was a bag without the harness that was as good..
  4. Bob,

    I bought the Wimberley replacement foot for the 400 2.8 which has a much lower profile than the standard foot, and it fits very nicely with body attached in the Photo Trekker that Lowe makes. I've flown to Alaska and New Zealand with this setup and it works well.

  5. thank you larry and sean!

    does anyone know if the harness on the 600aw can be removed?
  6. InitialD


    Mar 12, 2007
    The 500mm f/4 is smaller than a 400mm f/4.8 if I'm not wrong. The 400mm f/2.8 is about the same size and weight as the 600mm f/4. So you should not worry about the 500mm f/4 but rather the 400mm f/2.8 ! :biggrin:

    I know of only two lens cases that can fit the 600mm f/4 with a D2 body series attached. Kinesis L621 long lens case and the Lowepro 600AW. If you're interested to get a backpack type of solution or if you have other gears to carry, the Lowepro Super Trekker AW II is the one.
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