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  1. Well, I dunno how I'm supposed to react, except say "yes" or "no" - I've been asked to shoot a Realitor's even on May10th! Now, I'm thinking about just using my 18-200VR and my sb800. If ya'll look at my signature, do ya'll think any other lens I already have would be better? I'm thinking this won't be any different from shooting school and church events. Then, I always used my 70-300 and sometimes wished I had had something different. Okay, what do ya'll think?
  2. Of course, bring the 50 1.8, its slips right into a pocket and there is hardly any better lens for getting that ambience shot with no flash, shallow DOF, you know, the creative stuff! There's no reason NOT to bring it! :smile: Other than that, keep it light so you can concentrate on the shooting more than the gear. Oh, one more thing, depending on how long the even lasts... extra batteries are a must have!
  3. OH yeah, my baby lens! I call it that because it's so little compared to the others! LOL! I'm definitely travelling light! The event is only about 2 hours long and I'll be sure to have all 3 of my cards, both batteries fully charged, extra batteries for the sb800. I may buy another card - I have 2 1G cards and 1 512. Until now, that's all I've needed.
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    Is the event inside, outside, portraits or what..:>)))))
  5. I think it's inside, and I think it's just snapping shots of the party. I'll be getting more info later tonight or in the morning - gotta let her Know if I'm doing it or not. I just don't wanna lug my entire gear collection to the place!