Best flat panel display compatible with PC (for Photoshop use)?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SilverEagle, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. I read that the Apple Cinema Displays ( 20" and 23") are PC compatible with an adaptor or a suitable video card. Could someone elaborate on this? Are there other flat panel monitors that are as good as the Apple Cinema displays and are PC compatible?
  2. Apple's current monitors simply require a DVI capable video card. Most current video cards have this.
  3. I have an iMAC 20" (built in screen - same as cinema display) and a Samsung 213T for my PC (21.3"). They are both calibrated with a monaco optix device. The Apple display is slightly more accurate and has a little better contrast overall. If the Apple screen is a 10/10 the Samsung is a 9.5/10. Primary difference is widescreen vs. 4:3. This really comes into play with a tablet (I use an Intuous2) since most tablets are 4:3 (wacom just released a widescreen tablet for apple displays or dual displays).
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    I have the 23" and soon will be upgrading to the 30", I would not trade this monitor for anything. Even if your not a Apple fan you will love this display.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks to everyone for your responses. You have given me serveral things to look into. I have an old 20" Sony CRT that is great but takes up too much desktop space. I need to make room for my new 4800 printer.
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    Oct 29, 2005
    Just as an alternative, the Dell 2005FPW 20.1" widescreen LCD uses the exact same LCD inside as the Apple Cinema Display and lists for $640ish on If you keep an eye out on or similar sites, you can often find coupon codes and sales that combine for prices a hair under $400. I got mine for $390ish.

    It's an excellent screen, but as with any lcd I recommend you buy or borrow a Spyder 2 and calibrate it with your system.

  7. Another beautiful alternative is the BenQ 23". I love mine, and wouldn't trade it. The pixel real estate on this baby is wonderful - I keep all my PC palettes outside the main window off to the right so it's all photo in the centre with no overlaps. Then you have your screensaver as a slideshow of your favourite photos and it's just pure heaven - takes you right back to the spot you took the shot!!! *LOL* BenQ make very good quality products.
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