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Best lens-cleaning cloth ever?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by cotdt, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
  2. Thanks for the info, looks interesting. I have the Nikon microfiber cleaning cloth, but this may also be worth a shot.

    I chuckled at the "Customers who bought this also bought The Departed and Casino Royale"....:smile:
  3. I use the microfiber cloth i got with a pair of glasses. Wonderful stuff. I remember when Kodak lens cleaning paper was the only thing around.
  4. The best thing you can use is something in your closet...100% silk tie, look at the label on one of your old ties if its 100% silk cut it up, its the ultimate safe cleaning cloth!

  5. hangman


    Aug 13, 2006
    Lone Star State
    Thanks for the tip on the silk. I never realized that silk would be a good cleaning cloth. I always thought of microfiber as absrobing any oil on the lens better. I don't know if silk will be good for that though???
  6. eekjem

    eekjem Guest

    Microfiber Cloth

    They work great!
  7. Copper Hill

    I got a lens cleaning kit from them -- large microfiber cloth, fluid, blower. Best lens cleaning kit I've owned in 35 years. Sure beats that old Kodak Lens Cleaning Tissue. Remember that?
  8. Wouldn't it take something a lot rougher than a microfibre to scratch a lens? Are lenses as delicate as people make them to be?
  9. jcovert

    jcovert Guest

    How confident are you when using a cleaning cloth that there isn't a tiny little speck of hard sand down there that when wiped around will leave a fat scratch?

    I clean my lenses a lot less than I used to, as I don't think it's something to do casually anymore. Simply hoping there isn't some hidden grit in there is too much wishfull thinking for me these days. I'd rather let the lens get dirty as it will, and then clean the lens at home where I can get up close, and really pay close attention to what I'm doing.
  10. I've still got a couple of the old lens cleaning kits with the tissue paper-like disposable cloths and bottle of fluid. Everybody used to think it was a great cheap gift for a photographer, so every Christmas, birthday and Father's Day, there was at least one new packet. If I ever run out of them, I'll try that cloth.

  11. I use microfibre cloths that I get from RadTech ( http://www.radtech.com ); I use them on my computers' LCD screens and also on my iPhone, camera lenses, glasses....
  12. jak2


    Mar 14, 2007
    LOL... I had to open this thread because my company has a product that I think is just great... you have in fact purchased it! Nothing like an unsolicited plug!!!
  13. Anthony, years and years ago, I had a photography teacher that used to clean all of his large format lenses with silk ties.

    I carry around a little micro-fiber cloth in my bag. But when I clean all of my lenses at home, I use silk ties. Some things you learn you can use for a lifetime. That teacher's name was Mr. Jenkins.
  14. jak2


    Mar 14, 2007
    A microfiber cloth with a three dimensional nature to its weave tends to absorb some grit into its matrix rather than take the path of greater resistance which would be staying on the cloth outer surface and digging into the glass... this being said, I always keep a filter on my lens and always try to blow off anything I see with the rocket before I pull out the lens cleaning cloth to clean the filter... just good common sense... saying ANY particular cloth in our dusty, gritty world could NEVER even micro-scratch a glass surface would be just plan unrealistic.
  15. richinnj

    richinnj Guest

    clean cotton

    I've been cleaning my lenses (Camera lenses, Rifle Scopes,Spotting Scopes) for years with clean cotton T-Shirt material. My oldest lens is 40 years old - there isn't a scratch or speck on it, and the coating is still there. One poster mentioned grit, sand on the cleaning cloth - yes, this can easily destroy the glass - I would never re-use the same old cloth, or micro-fibre cloth on a lens. For a really dirty lens with sand or mud dust on it,, I use a wetted sable artist brush to pick up the dust first, rinsing the brush off with every sweep, before using the cotton cloth.
  16. LAW2


    Oct 24, 2006
    Please be careful when reusing a cloth. I recently scratch the plastic bezel around my new TV using the softest cotton t-shirt I had. What happened? I failed to realize that the hard water I have left deposits in the t-shirt. Plastic is much softer than glass but I wanted to through that word of caution out there.
  17. Zachs


    Feb 25, 2006
    The inside of your shirt. I don't care what people tell me, I have never in my life scrached a lens or coating. I'm a working photog in the field all the time, I need a clean lens. If I need moisture, God gave me hot garbage breath for a reason!
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