Best New Camera with no lenses

Nov 6, 2006
Denver, Colorado
When I bought my D7000, someone on this site pointed out a new camera for around $1000 -- maybe a Lumix? -- it didn't use lens changes and was terrific for everything with that one limitation. Could someone refresh my memory please? Thx.
May 15, 2011
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Still quite difficult to find, but waiting lists grow shorter. $1199 in Canada, but I have seen some on eBay and Amazon for two to three times that price. The ideal carry-everywhere camera when you have nothing whatever in mind to shoot. A supplement to a dSLR system, but hardly a replacement.

Lens and sensor designed as a unit, with sensor microlenses shifted for optimum entry angle of light rays. Extremely fine image quality even at high-ISO settings, since it has an APS-C sized sensor. Leaf shutter that is all but silent and capable of flash sync at 1/2000th of a second for fill under most any conditions. A nearly invisible camera for candid, street and decisive-moment shooting. Aperture ring, shutter speed and exposure compensation knobs, comprehensive direct access controls. Shoot RAW with floating ISO using aperture priority and you rarely need menus once the camera is set up. Has a built-in RAW converter, to create JPEGs with any combination of camera controls—after the shot!

Familiar to any who carried compact rangefinder cameras late in the film era, but baffling to many who did not. The cams, levers and mirrors of the mechanical rangefinder have been replaced by electronics, but the shooting experience is the same. Awesome mix of optical and electronic finder and LCD monitor, highly configurable.

It assumes you understand both camera operation and the basics of photography—no training wheels at all, no scene modes. It is in no way nearly as complex as my D700, but it still needs to be learned. In the right hands, it is capable of providing superb results, but it is not for everyone. I have read a number of reviews where the reviewer simply had no idea what the camera is—almost like criticizing a bicycle for having only two wheels and having gear shifting that makes no sense, compared to a Mercedes automatic.

It is in a small pouch at my waist any time I step out, while when going to the grocery store, my D700 and lenses stayed home. I just carry the bare camera—I have not even installed the neck strap.

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