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Best photo sharing website

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terri French, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Lately I have been very frustrated with Zenfolio. It seems that all my photos look soft once I upload them there. Then when I share from there to here they don't look their best. Any of you have the same experience? What photo sharing website do you all love? I have many years of photos uploaded to Zenfolio. I sure would hate to change. Is uploading directly to the cafe and bypassing another site the best way to share here?
  2. I have Zenfolio, too, and have not had any problems with it, but I haven't been using it for sharing images online since we can now upload directly to the Cafe -- much easier and quicker process!
  3. I've read forum comments where others are having the same problems. Seems that Zenfolio must be using some sort of compression. I'm going to try uploading directly to the cafe and see if I am happier with the results.
  4. I'm assuming that you are sharing the appropriate file size from the Zenfolio sharing function? I would imagine if you are subjecting the image to both a Zenfolio and Cafe compression that might cause issues.

  5. Give Smugmug a try - no problems for me.
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  6. I need to check my Zenfolio images more carefully. I'm behind on adding new images there and so haven't looked at my account all that closely recently. That is bad if they are now compressing images, really not a good thing!!
  7. Terri - take an image an load it twice - once from Zen and once from your hard drive.
  8. Ann_JS


    Feb 18, 2015
    New York State
    I prefer to have my own website and Domain.

    It is really easy to build a site; and there are several software packages which can help the process considerably.

    Hosting services are very moderately priced (I use iPower) and uploading content to my site is easily managed with programs like Filezilla.

    I use JuiceBox Builder Pro to make html Galleries because it is both quick and highly customisable.

    (I do still need to change a number of my older galleries on my site from Flash to HTML and am working on them gradually when I have time.)
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  9. When I compare an image displayed at Zenfolio using Firefox as my browser with an image displayed on my hard drive using my cataloging software, I see no difference. When you take that information into account, consider that I will definitely have cataract surgery in both eyes next year and will have cornea transplants in both eyes in the future if not also next year.
  10. What size photo do all of you link to here?

    Here is a link to a Zenfolio photo (top) and one uploaded directly from my desktop (bottom). We will see if there is any difference. The top one was uploaded to Zenfolio with 1500 pixels on the long side, and the original is shared here; and the bottom one was exported to the desktop, then uploaded directly to Nikon Cafe 1500 pixels on the long side. I can't preview my reply, but looking at them while I write this the bottom one is displaying much larger. We'll see what happens when I publish.

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    Uploaded from desktop.jpg
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  11. They both look the same to me. Neither is as sharp as the original in my Lightroom Catalog. I'll have to check my Lightroom exporting options closely.
  12. Terri, they look the same to me, too. I am viewing them on a 15" MBP screen, though, which can make a difference. The detail in the one boy's hair looks sharp to me, as does the overall image. Maybe the problem isn't with Zenfolio but with LR?
  13. They also look the same to me. More important, there is nothing about the sharpness that is lacking in them; they look so good that I wonder if they are so noticeably sharper when displayed in Lightroom that they wouldn't appear overly sharpened there. Note that nobody has commented that your images in your threads appear a little soft when displayed here, or at least not that I remember.

    For what it's worth (probably not much), I use Zenfolio only to display images there, not to then link them for display here. I always upload a full-size image to Zenfolio. (Doing so creates in effect another backup.) When displaying an image here, I always use a direct upload from my computer at a size that is no larger than 1235 on the width or 825 on the height. Despite that Zenfolio is automatically downsizing the image for display there, I'm always surprised that it looks the same as the image I downsize myself for display here.
  14. I wonder if it would be helpful to add a screenshot of the image displayed in Lightroom to your post #10.
  15. Thank you, all. I'm learning a lot here.
  16. I think I see more details in the hair on the one uploaded from your desktop. I don't have that much faith in my eyesight though, especially if others disagree. :) 
  17. Look identical to me on both of my calibrated monitors.
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  18. TonyW


    Jan 15, 2010
    The images appear identical. Both are same size and when loaded into PS and overlayed in Difference mode there are zero differences. So unless you have uploaded the same image twice to the Cafe then for this particular size and image there is no loss
  19. I'm looking at these with an iMac with Retina display (very sharp and clear display) and they look identical in every way ... focus, color rendition, etc.

  20. I also can see no differences in Terri's two images. FWIW, I have also noticed an apparent softness to my images posted from Zenfolio as opposed to those I post from Flickr. Enough so that if I plan to post here, I now usually do so from Flickr. In addition to the apparent softness, I have had other issues when loading images from Zenfolio to this site involving unexpected changes to my spacing between images and having the Exif data spread across the image.

    I do not experience any of these issues when posting from Zenfolio to FM, so I am not convinced the problem is with Zenfolio.
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