Best setting for this type of shot?

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  1. I work for a Fortune 50 company and our CEO is coming to my office tomorrow (I happen to run this market and also a photographer so this is huge for me) and I need some advice on the best settings. He is going to be in a conference/training room at the front sitting on a barstool. The room has the rectangular fluorescent lights in it and I will probably be shooting with my 17-55. What are the best settings to use in a situation like this?
  2. Preset WB!!!

    Beyond that the experts can offer real advice
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    You can gel your sb800 with yellow or green, then set WB at flash

    ISO 320 1/80 f5.6, af-s, single focus point.
    Put the reticle at the bridge of his nose, and shoot.

    You can also use AWb, and no gel, fix any problems in post process.

    Check your histogram after 1st shot, and see if you have enough light.
    If needed open aperture to f5, use manual exposure for camera, ttl for flash.

    Let the histogram be your guide.
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