Best value lens for team & individual pics

Dec 1, 2005
Louisville, Kentucky
Looking for a good lens for team/individual pics. I don't want to get something like the 24-70 (too expensive) or multiple lenses again.

I just want to get a decent lens for a good price to use on my D5000 until either business takes off or it goes bust

Would this combo be ok?

18-55VR for team
50mm f/1.8 for individual

I don't care much for the 18-55, but if it'll do the job, I'll use it until I can afford better equipment
Feb 5, 2011
18-55 VR and 50 1.8 will work just fine for what you're looking for

For a group/team photo, you probabaly want to stop down to around f/8 anyways, so there's no point needing a faster lens (Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 is a nice upgrade though) - just make sure you either have flash or use a tripod though
Nov 10, 2008
Kit zoom 18/55

Since pictures are best taken at normal focals, the 35 1.8 is very good.

What you need to establish is how much unused space to save at the ends so you can make 8x10. I would do this by setting the the lens to longer focal, make a pic, then switch to 35 mm and make another from the same position. Then do an 8x10 crop in the computer of the zoomed frame and compare it with 35 mm. Once you figure this out, you can set the zoom to say 40 to find the correct distance where the full width is covered, then switch to 35 mm which will leave the proper empty space on the sides.

Actually a 35 will work just fine. Just figure how many steps backward to take after tight framing. Mark the subject line with chalk and your spot with a flag.

Taking a team with a wide lens will give unacceptable pictures. Same with tele.

I know people who did this with Leicas decades ago with only a 50 mm lens. They used an external zoom finder to find the width distance with 55 or 60, the took the pic with 50. The labs could never figure how he made such perfect 8x10 crops with a RF Leica. They were always perfect.

Good luck with the business.

50 mm will make nice individual pictures.

My new 18/105 is a really nice zoom for a kit, but I rarely use it relying on 35 1.8 and 60 2.8N. But if you want to go cheap and zoom, 18/55 is the way.
Feb 21, 2011
Both 18-55VR and 50 1.8 are great values. The 50mm is a 75mm on the D5000, therefore, should be great as a portrait lens for individuals.
Aug 26, 2008
I do a decent amount of T&I and use the 24-70/2.8 for teams and 70-200 for individuals. Great combo (on FX).
Apr 5, 2008
Middletown, NY
I think any of these lenses mentioned will serve you well. Just be careful of focus accuracy between your body and lenses. If you will be stopping down, then you will hopefully have enough DOF anyway. But if you are considering opening up the Aperture, then auto focus accuracy will be key. As long as your metering is decent, along with good accurate Auto focus, you should bring home the bacon...or beans...whatwever:redface:

PS...don't forget the 55-200VR!

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