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  1. The Glens Falls Downtown Criterium/ New York State Championship Criterium Bicycle Races were held today right here in Glens Falls. It gave me the opportunity to try to improve my skills at sports photography. The lighting was pretty uneven with sun peeking in and out of the clouds.

    These were all taken with my 55-200VR - either in Aperture Priority mode or in Sports mode. Any comments/criticism would be appreciated.


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  2. nice job on these Bert
  3. Thanks, Dave.
  4. acena


    Mar 14, 2006
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    Nice job on these Bert. btw, the first one is out of focus and the 5th needs to be cropped different somehow.

    Also, you will learn more about your camera if you avoid Sport Mode. Stick to A, S and M.
  5. Hi Alex,

    Yeah - I see what you mean about #1. Not sure what I'd do differently on #5 though.

    I generally don't shoot any of the "canned" modes - usually shoot aperture-priority. But, since this is a new experience for me (shooting fast moving sports), I thought that I'd try a few using the Sports mode.