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Bif's = they ain't easy! (3 photos)

Discussion in 'Birds' started by cajun angel, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Very nice!

    Ain't easy, but you did a great job.
  2. Thanks Phil! It was a huge challenge for me! I tried to pan with the hawk, but I kept tripping over my tripod! I really don't know how photographers do it! Also, had a hard time keeping him in my view finder. Dunno if I could use my monitor or not, but it was fun trying!
  3. Nice job, Dianne! "They ain't easy" is an understatement.
  4. Well It looks easy Dianne
  5. Thanks Dave! Dunno what else to say about it. I do wish I had someone to shoot with though. It would certainly be more fun! Besides, Swainey is a beautiful bird!
  6. Good capture..... the last one with the movement works well for me
  7. Thanks Gary! It AIN"T! I almost toppled my camera tripping over my tripod trying to keep up with him, not to mention it being hard to keep him in my viewfinder! I had fun though! He checked me out alot too! He would fly right over me - he was beautiful to watch!
  8. Thanks! These were my first attempts.
  9. Dianne, Couple of things about BIF. First get rid of the tripod, as they will always be in the way. Try a monopod with a very loose head like a gamble. Get your shutter speeds up as high as you can even if it means high ISO. It is very hard to pan from a tripod and I would suggest you take a look at the BushHawk link I placed below. If you ever shot skeet you will be able to do the same thing with this. I have one on order as I have been using a cut down rifle stock for a while now. There are many of these shoulder rest s in use now as they become more famous every day. The cost is not bad and they offer a 30-day trial. Mine will be here on Monday.
    A tripod is OK with a big lens like my 800 I can’t HH that one. My 500 I can but not for long but it does have the IS so it helps a lot even on BIF. I guess the most very most thing in BIF is shutter speed and the higher the better. This I have found for my self and from many other wildlife photographers.

  10. You've got a friend, Dianne! Swainey likes you, he really likes you! :smile:

    That is so cool that he keeps flying over you -- great opportunities for practicing shooting BIF! I envy you that! Yeah, it's most definitely NOT easy!!! I love that shot of the Western Kingbird -- really very, very nice!
  11. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Thats why I use the 80-400 VR:>)))))
  12. Great shot on that Kingbird Dianne!

  13. BIF - yes - very hard. Inspired by Jim's terns, I went to Plum Island Friday evening but had little success. Part of the reason was the sky was too white from clouds, but the main part is they move so fast. I was helped by a wind that slowed them down, but that only helped marginally.

    Anyway, I like that last one a lot. The head is sharp and the wings are blurred.
  14. Thanks Lou! I have a monopod and think I may be able to put my jubo on it. I thought about using my monopod yesterday but just didn't. Thanks for the bushhawk link - my allowance for more gear is a big "0" right now. So I gotta use what I have. I'm also thinking about using my 70-300 zoom as my 300mm afs is a bit heavy for me to HH just yet.
  15. Thanks Connie! I'm thinking he's just wanting me to leave the area, but hey, I hope he likes me! I actually talk to him in a very soft voice and at least he flfew back to the same tree yesterday instead of staying away like the day before. I'm gonna go out with my jubo today - either on the tripod or monopod. The king bird was almost easy to get - he/she was hovering above the nesting tree.

    Well Gale, that's why I'm gonna take my 70-300 zoom today.

    Thansk ANthony!

    Thanks Joseph! It's gonna take a ton of practice to get a BIF right, but I've got one advantage - I've practiced on my hubby jumping and riding his dirtbike and atv. That helps! The kingbird was hovering above the nesting tree. That kinda made it a little easy to get.
  16. We need all the help we can get. Blue skies, brightness (for high shutter speed), birds flying into the wind.
  17. If it were "easy" I don't think many of us would be addicted. Nice job.
  18. Ain't that the truth! I had fun just watching him soar above me, watching him take off and land. It's funny, I've grown really attached to this particular birdie! He/she's beautiful for sure!
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