BIG dog and LITTLE dog

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  1. here is my 3 years old pittbull/bull mastiff that stays at my moms...hes just a big baby lol


    a few new shots of me and the girlfriends 8 month old "rat dog"

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    please let me know what you think about the quality of the photos...thank you.
  2. These are nice pictures [email protected], only critique I have is that they look a bit dark to me. Especially in the first one I would try to lighten the shadows a bit.
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  3. thank you for your comment so much Daniel. I agree the 1st one is dark...the original you couldnt even see tanks eyes. I had to get rid of the dark shadows in his face to even be able to make out his eyes.

    i guess i try a re-edit and lighten his whole face up.
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  4. For what it's worth, the first one is really good, but for the small dog shots I'd try to put a little more distance between the dog and the background elements so that they blur out more. Oh, and be careful about any horizontal or vertical lines in the background - they're distracting if they're not part of the composition.
  5. ive never thought about the lines in the background....thanks for the tip!