Big Red

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Randy, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Bobby and I met a very friendly Reddish Egret early this AM at Merritt Island
    D500 + 500e +1.4TC at f/5.6

    Needless to say the light was amazing. MI is very active now for those watching

    Here's 2 from my laptop (I think I shot over 250 of just this Red)


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  2. Excellent!! Great light and the water is a beautiful color. That lens is impressive even with the TC!

    I love how these birds put on a show. If you get one in your viewfinder, you can be taking great photos for 30 minutes.
  3. thanks Mitch
    the tc is almost invisible and this was on a crop body so 1050mm.....lucky it was cold so I had little atmospheric junk
  4. Excellent shots, Randy. The wing position in #1 is very interesting.

    How about Viera?
  5. Thx Jim

    Overgrown with vegetation and too many tourists this afternoon. I’ll shoot one early morning before I leave, it should be better
  6. Beautiful creatures and wonderfully photographed.
  7. WOW, what a combination, lighting, gear, and shooter gets a happy stamp, the photos pop.
  8. Superb shots both of them Randy. I'm a bit envious given our weather, rain rain and more rain in the forecast.
  9. Classic Reddish activity, and this one is showing breeding colors already. But, the biggest score of the day...Randy put down his 300 2.8 VR and while he wasn't looking I SNAGGED it. He ain't getting it back either.
  10. I hear Randy is easy to distract . . . :D
  11. thanks John
    no kidding, at my age anything can happen
    thanks Louie
    thanks Darrell
  12. Wonderful shots Randy. Great colours ( all we have here is white - backgrounds; foregrounds; everything; and it's a cold wet white !!)
  13. Beautiful light on the egret.

    Thanks for the info on MI and Viera.
  14. Binnur


    Oct 4, 2017
    Izmir / Turkey
    You have great light there. Nice images as usual, #2 is my fav.
  15. Thx bob
    Thx Alan
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