1. The State Fair of Texas is an annual event every October in Dallas. I have been going to the fair for years and years. This is Big Tex.

    I have shot him many times over the years. My wife and I will be attending the fair in just a couple of weeks.

    This is from 1998. The camera was a Contax G1 with a Zeiss 45mm lens. The film was Tri-X pushed to 1600 and then processed in Rodinal.

  2. cool shot! Luv the processing too. I may have to check out our state fair this year.
  3. Thanks Dave. Like I mentioned before, I have shot this big fella for years but this is one of my favorite shots of him.

    He talks, too, with a big, deep Texas drawl. All the kids love him.

    I used to love pushing Tri-X and then processing it in Rodinal which increased the grain even more but also increased the sharpness. I got some really cool results with that combination.