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BIGMA Surfing

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by MIG_at_Mid-Illini, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. D50 ISO800 1/1250 f6.3 500mm

    Have more that I will post -- bathing beauties, pelicans, sea gulls, pigeon, kite surfing, all from Juno Beach /Jupiter Inlet.

    Image here reduced to 550 width. Actual cropped image is 2470X1930 -- 10X8 ratio.

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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Ohhh I should have gone to the beach today

    Nice shot
  3. how are u resizing the pic ?
    is this a huge crop ?
    why 1/1250 @ the cost of iso 800 ?
    imo it's better to stop this lens down to f8, for this shot keep ss at 1/640 and push iso as close to 200 as possible
    also resize when PPing (I used to use MS Resize and it's not very good)
  4. Why ISO800 -- because in good light the noise is not a concern .. Alwos fast SS for my hand holding images with the bigma @ 500mm... These were all done hand held. AND I don't want any DOF. If I had a F2.8 I would be shooting it a ... F2.8 to kill the fore/background. The bokeh on the 500 is not as nice as my 80-200 and not even close to my 85 1.4 - but still not terrible.

    I resize using the export function in Picasa with the max dim set to 550 for use on my webpage and the pso folks I work for once a week. I cranked the quality setting down so the file size is small and the page load speed is fast. Not evenone who looks at my pictures has a 10mbps connection like I do at home. Also here at my son's house I am limited to a 256kbps upload speed which is a pain!

    If people want good images for printing, they (ONLY ADULTS) contact me and I send them a CD of all the images with a "RELEASE" txt file and clearly indicate on the cd -- "ok to copy & print" with my signature,date, and phone number. If they want poster size images I send the files to http://www.elcocolor.com/poster_special.htm and use their resize engine and charge only what my direct cost is. -- poster price and the shipping split. Makes them happy -- makes me happy.
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  5. for these sizes IQ is very disapointing IMO
    IMO your settings can be improved upon to improve the IQ
    no offense intended
  6. I don't have to worry about it -- not doing it for food. Friends, parents, ADs, booster clubs, and coaches keep asking for them and I mail the CD to them for free. Plus I keep getting paid by PSO which allows me to buy more tools w/o asking the wife. And the PSO work doesn't bust my personal business plan of giving away images.

    They enjoy - I enjoy. I am NOT a technician/pixel peeker -- It can be the worst technical image and tell the best storey and still help recall fun times. Just the way I see it. -- IMO.

    Thank you for the comment --have a nice day and ENJOY life.
  7. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi bob-

    how do you find the AF speed on the 50-500mm? is it fast enough to track surfers? i have the same lens that i got to use for my hawaii trips, but have yet to try it out there. i've used it on the track with gokarts, and the AF is a bit slow to accurately track them, even in bright daylight.

  8. It was asked ..
    "how do you find the AF speed on the 50-500mm? is it fast enough to track surfers?"
    Based on one baseball game starting at 1 local time with a lot of angels (scattered clouds) and one day at the beach starting at 4:00 with the afternoon showers -- just very light sprinkles now that they are in a drought again -- but dark clouds most of the time ...
    AF Speed -- As I expected using a f6.3 lens -- Not a Nkin 85 f1.4 by any means, but manageable if you keep in mind what it is and anticapte a little. We have the D50 in the continous track mode and it worked ok.

    If I was home, I would make a sound recording of the focus motor cycling so you could see how fast it it is going full range. I would also do it with my screw drive 80-200 f2.8 so you could hear the difference.

    You can see all the images I took today here:
    Even have some at the short end of the grandtwins before departing for the beach two blocks away. The "birds" were just fun when we only had one surfer in the water. As you can see I was able to lock on to them --sometimes. Surfers in black wet suits in the white water were easy to lock on2.

    The way I will use it for my HS baseball work where I will also have my D200 is set between home and 1st and prefocus on 2nd and thus 3rd and then change to manual focus mode by moving the switch on the D50 camera body and I will be ready to capture all the action at those two bases. The D200 with the 80-200 will work the home - 1st bases because it will focus much faster on the 80-200 than the D50 50-500 combo. The logic/sensor is faster. If the sun position is such that I have to be between 3rd and home, then I will prefocus on 1st and 2nd with the slower D50 combo and work most all the game with the D200 80-200 with possibly a 1.4 TC. Night games the 50-500 will stay home.

    I am VERY happy with the lens -- I got it for $800 to my doorstep from a Nikonian who purchased it in Jan and didn't use it. I have been using it without monopod -- all handheld so far and it can get a little heavy.

    Please do keep in mind that I have resized them to 550 pixels max width or height and kicked the "quality" to 75% to save upload time at my son's house which has a poor dls connection, .. about 1/4 of what I have at home and thus I have downsized them so I don't have to wait hours to complete the upload process.

    BOTTOM LINE -- based on my very limited experience and novel way of thinking about the "value" of things -- I am a happy BIGMA man and I think it will get you plenty of ocean "views" on your trip.

    GOKarts -- we used to race karts when Jeff was a 5 year old until he was ~16 and then "I" gave it and he gave it up for good about age 35 -- 8 years ago. Tons of fun. (I go scared putting a kid out there doing 110 at Raceway Park at Indy after some "Pros" had a very nasty encountered with the guard rail.)

    Enough rambling -- hope this helped you ... Keep in mind ... I am a different sort of CAT and my views and expectations could be 180 opposite of yours. But as long as people smile, even if it is just a kids' grandma looking at the pictures, I am happy.
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