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Bird ID Please, London Wetland Centre

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. I spent yesterday at the London Wetland Centre, here are a few images. I really missed not having my 500mm with me, but traveling on business makes that a problem. I will be reworking these when I get home, as I have minimal tools on my laptop. I need a Bird ID on the 3rd image, please, but those in the UK who know and understand my question are summarily excluded from piping up :wink: .

    These were all shot with D2H, 70-200 f2.8 + TC-17E

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    Mystery Bird, help ID please?:
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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    Thats a GBH that never sees the sun and lives in the fog most of the time :>))) Hence his lack of superior color.


    The others are furen type boids.

    Hope you return with out moss.

    Ohhh wait a minute. Thats just like WA..
  3. Bill,

    We saw Grey Herons in Africa, are the same birds in the UK and the rest of Europe?

  4. You are correct, Bob, Grey Heron. When I was told this in one of the blinds I thought I was being "had", but I looked it up on the 'Net and lo-and-behold, different bird for sure. Learn something new every day. I wasn't going to bother as it was "just a GBH", but I'm glad I did. Surprised no one else took a gander...

  5. Well done Bill. Hope you get your butt back here so we can go eagle hunting on the Skagit. I just read a report on tweeters that said they saw 30 eagles in one spot yesterday. That sounds good. The weather looks to be pretty good on Saturday as well. All you need is that D200 and off we go.

    Does that grey heron also have a British accent as well? See you when you get back.
  6. Jim, I am still scheduled to return on Thursday, so Saturday should be a go. If you think the Grey Heron is interesting, take a look at [​IMG] the Purple Heron. Per the book where I was shown the Grey Heron, these are in England as well, I sure wish I had seen one of these. I really like the colors.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that both my Jobu and the d200 show up by Friday, what a weekend :wink:
  7. Surprised me, I sure THOUGHT it was a GBH. Guess it just goes to show I'm not as smart as I look :wink:

    As to the weather, it is quite different here, not like WA at all. Only 6 degrees when I left work an hour ago...ok, so that is degrees C but why let a little detail like that get in the way...

    And the "furen" birds are so much different than ours anyway.....

    Now you should go look at my Kenilworth Castle pictures and try to find a birdie in there....:smile: , not a buzzard in sight....
  8. lol @ Gale's explanation!

    Cool shot of the ubiquitous Moorhen! I don't even bother with them any more at Viera except I occasionally watch to see if one will become gator bait! :D evil:

    Neat to also see another variety of heron. Wonder how many different types there actually are.
  9. We don't see the Moorhen around home, I have some I'll post when I get back where you can see the feet as well, they are really quite comical. Also saw Coots, quite similar to ours but subtly different.

    The Heron really surprised me. I shot it just because it landed in front of me, never expecting to find that it is a non-US variety, live and learn, and keep an open mind. I don't know how many there are overall, but I was really surprised to see the the GBH, the Grey and the Purple sure look, at least from first glance, more like color variants, but obviously, when you look at the taxonomy, the differences are more than feather deep (ouch, that hurts) :rolleyes: 

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