Birding at Almaden Lake Park

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Uncle Frank, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. I stopped off at the local lake to see if the Snowy Egrets and Great Egrets had returned from their winter holidays yet.
    It's been pretty boring this year, with nothing but Canada Geese and ducks to shoot. Mallards are beautiful and even
    pose for portraits, but I'm anxious to try out my new 80-200 zoom on the white egrets.


    Recently, an influx of gulls, driven inland by bad weather, have offered good opportunities to practice techniques for
    photographing flying birds. Unfortunately, today's flight pattern was very high...

    View attachment 5805

    ... and I only got a few tries at low altitude shots.

    View attachment 5806

    But while I was snapping away at gulls that were out of range, a larger bird glided over my head.

    View attachment 5807
    View attachment 5808
    View attachment 5809

    I've been advised that it may be a turkey vulture, but it was truly beautiful, and I was thrilled to grab a few shots of it. The shoot
    ended on an even more excited note when I ran across this new arrival.

    View attachment 5810

    The Snowy Egrets are back! More to follow :).
  2. Some nice captures Frank.......

    luv the mallard drake and the turkey hawk. That 300mm af-s f4 would sing for you!! :wink:

    I keep staring at your hummingbird pics, I am just envious and jealous of you..........I think I could make it to SanJose in about a day and ahalf driving non stop for 20+ hours...LOL

    nice PS work, saw it posted in the retouch forum, did a great job. Alot of work there to get to that end result. awesome job........

  3. I am glad you got your practice in. Beautiful shot of the mallard by the way and yes that is a turkey buzzard. That is a fine landing egret.
  4. Great shots UF. I especially like the first one of the mallard......the colors are amazing!!
  5. Re: Some nice captures Frank.......

    It would have, if you hadn't sold it out from under me :cry:.

    Hey, was that big bird a turkey vulture, and turkey buzzard, or a turkey hawk??? I've heard it described all three ways.
  6. Re: Some nice captures Frank.......

    The Audubon guide calls it a turkey vulture so I guess we probably should also.
  7. NeilCam


    Feb 21, 2005
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Nice shots of the Turkey Vulture Frank. Oh and that first one of the Mallard as well.

  8. Re: Some nice captures Frank.......

    Thanks for clearing that up, Gordon. I've got to do a little research on these critters. I wonder what they're
    doing hanging around an urban lake.
  9. Thanks, Neil! I liked those, too.
  10. Cool

    I like the detail in the mallard shot, I have found it hard to capture the buzzards you have done good with these. Glad to see your little friend has made it back, look forward to you covering his return.
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