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Birds of Kauai - part 3

Discussion in 'Birds' started by hillrg, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Okay - this is the last part, bird-wise - promise!

    The Chestnut Mannikin is an escaped cage bird that was first recorded on Kauai in 1975. Although this bird is supposed to by Kauai's most common bird, I only saw this one. Thet are quite small, and are supposed to land on stalks of grass, walk out to the end and eat the seed.


    The Red-crested Cardinal is a gorgeous bird, with a brown crown when immature, turning to a brilliant crimson as the bird matures. It is also known as the Brazilian Cardinal, and was imported from South America around 1930.

    View attachment 21240

    View attachment 21241

    While we are on the cardinals, Kauai also has the Northern Cardinal. It was imported from North America in 1929. I saw them three times during my trip, but only got one opportunity to photograph. This isn't a great shot, but does show I saw one!

    View attachment 21242

    Chickens gone wild are pretty common on Kauai. No one is certain when they were introduced, but probably by Europeans sometime after Cook. Chickens are pretty boring to photograph, so I thought I would get close in and personal...

    View attachment 21243

    The Japanese White-eye was introduced to Kauai in 1927 from Japan. It resembles the indigenous honeycreepers and reputedly travels in small, twittering flocks. I saw one twice, and both times the jaspers did their best to remain hidden in the leaves.

    View attachment 21244

    Another bird I have been hoping to photograph is the Night Heron. My wife spotted one within 100 meters of the condo we were staying at, and I had great fun sneaking around after him. Interestingly, the Black-crowned Night Heron is indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. It is known to have been resident for many centuries, but as yet, is indistinguisable from the North
    American variety.

    View attachment 21245

    Finally, here is the Hawaiian Stilt, another endangered species. The endemic Hawaiin race has more black on the face and neck than the mainland version. It is estimated there are only 1800 birds remaining.

    View attachment 21246

    View attachment 21247

    So, that does it. Even though I could only shoot on the run most of the time, I am still fairly happy with the results.
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Very nice wrap to your series Rory. I enjoyed each installment.
  3. Rory, the light on the 2nd one is magical! But my favorite is the walking stilt! Where did you get all the details about the birds in these posts? Very interesting to read!
  4. Yes, I got lucky with that one for sure. I bought a book called "The birds of Kauai" by Tim Denny. It is not a thick book and has the advantage of only including birds found on Kauai, which makes it much simpler to find and id the birds.
  5. Glad you enjoyed them Frank.
  6. W T F :confused:  What happened to parts I and II. I must have been snoozing Rory. LOL! beautiful series as we come to expect, but luv #2 plus a few others :biggrin: Dont want it all going to your head.........
    Merry Christmas Rory!!

    How is Brackendale shaping up :rolleyes:  LOL
  7. Love the Red-crested Cardinal . . . very nice picture.

    I looked at your "chicken" too long and I think it hypotized me!
  8. He he. I know what you mean.
  9. Same to you Keith. If we get a break in the weather between xmas and new years I am going to pop over to Brackendale. I bet it was good the week I was in Kauai - it was clear the whole time!
  10. Rory this has been a great series and like I said, when we go next year I will look to you for suggestions. That second shot is a killer. Man the bird and light are beautiful. Great job, wish I was there now.
  11. You will have a great time Jim. Best of the season.
  12. Nice series, Rory. Looking at this thread I first said "OK, how about a Mature Cardinal", and Bingo, there it was. Then I said, "how about some Hawaiian birds", and once again, quick scroll and Bingo, you must have been reading my mind :smile:

    To me, however, the most impressive of the bunch is the Stilt. Not only do I like the images, especially the landing, but to have the opportunity for a rarity is special.

    Oh, yeah, getting that close to the Chicken, did it hurt??? :wink:

    Thanks, Rory, and now you are back to reality, now more of that great weather for a while.......
  13. Thanks for sharing this last installment. It has been fun seeing the birds of Hawaii. Well done, now get home and start shoveling snow.
  14. Let see more of them.. really nice shots of birds I have never seen before...
  15. The Stilts are a cool bird. The ones I found were pretty skittish, but I still managed some full frames but walking past as if I was unaware of them (no eye contact). When I would pass by a tree I would stop and walk toward them, obscured by the tree. This worked.

    Have a great holiday season Bill.
  16. Some snow would be nice. All this rain is depressing.

    Best of the season to you Gordon.
  17. Glad you found them interesting Eric. Best of the season!
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