Birds of Pray

Discussion in 'Birds' started by papa85, Aug 28, 2005.

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    One of my favorites, hope you like. A little scary.
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I definitely like it Tony. What species?
  3. Beautiful picture, Tony. Like Frank, I would like to what's the specie?
  4. The detail and the color in this image is amazing. Well done, a handsome bird under you skilled hands.
  5. Great shot love the colors what a regal looking bird
  6. papa85

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    :Happy: Thanks much for the favorable comments, Makes me feel good. :biggrin:

    Well to answer your question.

    What species is it, all I can tell you, it is Bird trainers, Hunting Hawk , He uses it in competition ,what kind I don't know. :confused:
    Gordon, you are toooo kind thanks.

    Here is another one for your viewing, this one I know. They told me that it is a Redtailed Hawk. :rolleyes: :smile:

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    Not scary at all, just a great Raptor, and image to show him off!!
  8. Both are very nice, Tony! looks like you had a great opportunity to get close to these raptors.
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    Thanks Ben.
    Have a question for you Dennis, I see on your list of equipment you have a Canon 500D, This might seen like a dumb question But here goes. What does it do and how do you use it?