Birds of Prey

May 5, 2005
Manchester, England
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Hmmm. You think the owl has a Michael Howard look?

Anyway, thanks Paul. The pics were taken at the Gauntlet Birds of Prey Centre at Knutsford in Cheshire. Some birds are in cages, and the wire fencing interferes quite badly. Others (like the first and second) are tethered in open fronted wooden enclosures, and some in the open.

This is my second visit.

The first was OK, but I hadn't allowed for the extremely shallow DOF of the 70-200 shooting wide open, and the depth of the birds' faces. So, while the eyes were in focus, most of the rest was a bit too soft. I stopped down a little with these, and I'm much happier with the result.

The staff at the cntre are quite happy to allow flash. They say it doesn't disturb the birds at all, so I was able to use the SB-800.


Lovely collection of shots. Such poweful beaks and piercing eyes.
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