Birds on a Wire

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  1. This morning, I took my D300 and my 80-400 down to the edge of Delaware Bay. This is just a short walk from my place. There was not much on the beach, but there were lots of birds on the power line. The first and second are a female Red Winged Blackbird. The thirdd is a juvenile Barn Swallow, and the forth is a moulting Swallow. This was the first time I have captured a femle Red winged Blackbird. We have lots of males around here. Comments welcome as always.:smile:
  2. These are great shots Ed. Did you need to crop the images?
  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your commentsYes I did have to crop them about 50%.:smile:
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  4. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006
    #3 works for me nice image.
  5. very nice, Ed
    great caption, of course
  6. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for looking.:smile:
  7. I have had many shots ruined by having the bird sitting on a wire. It somehow does not work as well as a tree branch would. These are great though. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hi Warren,
    I was out for shre birds when I came upon a bunch of birds sitting on the wire. The female RWB caught my eye so I shot a few pictures. Sometimes you have to take them where you find them LOL. Thanks for looking and commenting.:smile: