Bjorn- How to test the 300/2.0?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by innerimager, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Bjorn, and others. Since I may only have possession of the 300/2.0 for 2 weeks, I want to be as useful as I can in testing it on the D2X and other DSLR's now that I know you haven't tested it on digital cameras. I'll have the TC1.4C that comes with it and a TC301 as well. I will be shooting birds and people. Can you give me any suggestions of tests that you would find useful in evaluating the lens? My main concern is my lack of a sturdy tripod/head as I have light weight gear that has always met my needs. I'll try and find a friend who can lend me something.

    If I do end up keeping the lens, perhaps you'd like to test it yourself someday! best.....Peter
  2. twig


    May 23, 2005
    Bogen Manfrotto Gimbal head (manfroito 393), supports my 400/2.8 no problem,
    screws right to your tripod, ultimate support, no ball head required-

    I have one, if you want to borrow it from me in manhattan, come and get it, but bring the 300 for me to see please.

    Let's be men and use a monopod, what do you say? I have a monopod you can use as well.

    Would you like to try and cover a HS or college basketball game with it?
    Hofstra women? drop me a line and I will crednetial you to shoot it for me.
    Indoor volleyball instead perhaps?

    If I have time we can do something boring like targets with the 300/f2 vs the 400/2.8, but I Think it would be more interesting to try it in the field,
    my "field" right now is indoor sports.
  3. Twig- Sounds great, I'd love to shoot with you. e-mail me at please and we'll work out the schedule. thanks....Peter
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