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black iron pans

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by phecksel, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. ok, not exactly photography, but maybe some photogenic food will come out of it :) 

    My wife apparently had a great set of pans years ago that in a move or two got misplaced. She fondly remembers the pans, and would like another set. What brand and where can I purchase them from?
  2. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Ah, cast iron...yes, these are wonderful to use...

    Lodge Cast Iron

    That's what I would recommend. What's also great about Lodge is they now offer Enameled Cast Iron which is what Le Creuset is. Lodge is somewhat less expensive.
  3. The short answer is a flea market.
    New cast iron is not ground to the smoothness of older cast ware.

    Do not bother with a name, just run your finger across the pan and compare the texture. smoother pans will not stick as badly.

    If you buy new, you will have to season it, helps to have an outdoor stove for this.

    Down her, cast iron is still used and handed down, many a family has fought over a prized skillet.

    Funny this should come up today. I was going over our kitchen ware with my daughter, we have a complete set of calphalon anodized cookware, never fool with that no stick stuff. I told her, she and her brother would have to fight over the cast iron, and with that I had her run her finger over the 8 pans we still use, she promptly put her name on the 5 smoothest :smile: let the fight begin.

    Oh, I never cook cornbread in anything but cast iron.
  4. ajbooker


    Mar 17, 2008
    Omaha, NE
    I also cook with some Lodge cast iron pans and a dutch oven. You can get their stuff pre-seasoned, and if you buy it on Amazon take advantage of the free shipping!
  5. lr0868


    May 25, 2008
    henderson, nv
    I agree on the Lodge, awesome pans!
  6. OOh, Yes. I'm a big fan of cast iron pans too!

    Tom is right.
    look around at flea markets.
    It's easy to re-season a cast Iron pan.
    Scrub them up the best you can. Spread a thin coat of Lard in them,
    and bake in the oven for a couple hours at 350F. After they have been
    seasoned, Don't scrub/scour them. Wash them in hot water only.
    if something sticks, you can boil a little water in it to loosen it.
    The thing is, you don't want to scratch off the seasoning.
    after you wash them, towel dry, then put them on the burner
    for a minute to evaporate any moisture that's left.

    The more you use them, the better they get!
  7. paradiddle


    Jun 1, 2007
    If you are interested my inlaws/outlaws own a junk shop in North MS. I have helped them move many things (over 23 years) and hated every minute of it! I hate the stuff. The one thing I do like that they keep is old cast iron stuff. My father in law can tell the difference in old vs. new - I can't. He also takes pride in a couple times of the year seasoning the pans. I think he covers them with lard, puts them in a bon fire and lets them burn. Then he washes them with vinegar and wipes with mayo? I know different people bring thier pans to let him fix them every now and again.

    They don't have a website and dont do ebay. I know I should be ashamed and should try and learn how to sell on ebay for them.
  8. The better half brought home a "Wagner 1891" 10.5 inch skillet several years ago - I suspect it is either a replica or some sort of re-issue.

    It is great for scrambled eggs, omelets, sauteing veggies, etc. As a bonus, I get a slight workout whenever I brandish it about around the stove - lol.

  9. Griswold is thought by many to be the best. Look for it in antique stores, ebay, google, etc.
  10. paradiddle


    Jun 1, 2007
    Mike -

    I do think I have heard my father in law say Griswold!
  11. Griswold certainly does command a higher price
    when it's sold at the auctions I attend.

    I couldn't Imagine being without my cast iron pans.

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  12. I love Lodge cast iron. The last pan we bought was a griddle that we picked up at Harrison Brothers Hardware in Huntsville :smile:. You can get Lodge other places though, too. I like that brand better than some others I have .
  13. spoot


    Aug 29, 2007
    I've got a Lodge cast iron griddle/grill (one side is each). It is my favorite cooking tool!
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