Black Skimmers

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  1. we were shooting the Willets when 50 Black Skimmers descended on the beach. It' rare to get this kind of opportunity in the last hour of sun.

    If you ever wanted to shoot Florida go now. In 12 years of shooting down there I have never seen a spring even close. Lots of variety and lots of birds.

    D5 + 500e HH, I HH this combo all week and on 2 boats. This setup yielded 2x the keepers as the D4 + 500g did last year.



  2. Cool, timing was perfect on 3.
  3. Randy, Great shots! I really love shot #3 showing the bird feeding.

    Thanks for sharing them and inspiring Georgie and me to get off the couch and go shooting.

    alexis and Georgie Beagle

    "the couch is comfy thank you very much. " -Georgie Beagle
  4. Nice low angle skimming in #3. Got one more boat trip left in ya?
  5. thx

    that's easily my best skimmer skimming shot ever
    thx Alexis
    this was quite an epic trip for shooting
  6. 2 more
    going back to Alafia Banks with Fred for 1hr shooting and 3 hrs snook fishing
  7. Excellent plan. Snook are fun to catch, just keep your hands away from the gills.
  8. #3 is amazing, nicely done.
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    Great shooting, Randy!
  10. I'm only touching the rod, reel and fork. I love fishing charters, come with money and leave with your fish cleaned in a bag on ice, and I love Snook even more.

    I'm looking forward to Ospreys on the 25th
  11. thx Louie. The D5 locked on these guys 99% of the time. It's not just better than the D4, It makes the D4 look broken
    thx Karen
  12. yup, outstanding #3 really neat pics.
  13. You bird-whisperer you!
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  14. Great shots.. especially number 3. Looks like you're going to have some fun with this combo.. Is that the new 500? Oops now I see..the "e"