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  1. If you might recall I was having issues with my 28-70, discussed in this thread:

    Received the lens back from El Segundo this week and gave it a try. They report they fixed some mechanical things such as replacing the "helicoil."

    I am finding the lens still produces quite reliable blue blooming around specular highlights. At first I thought it was less than it was, and it may be, but for flash photography I would say this is a spoiler for this lens. I do not see this with any of my other lenses. Also tried on 3 Nikon bodies and even a Canon and it is fairly easy to reproduce.

    So before I go on pestering Nikon about it, could I convince someone else with this lens to try an experiment for me? I would be eternally grateful.

    Take a sheet of aluminum foil and wrinkle it up a bit. Then photograph the shiny side using a flash and the beast at around 50-70mm, f4. I used an SB800 with the diffuser, TTL, +2.0 EV to force the issue.

    Then have a look at the image and tell me if you see any blue fringing around the brightest highlights.

    The idea being, if this is simply the nature of the lens, I won't waste Nikon's time begging for a replacement. Thanks.
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  2. did you ever get the chance to try Uncle Franks?
  3. I did not, and if he isn't on to further adventures in air travel, I might have to see about buying him a coffee or something.
  4. Hi, Ed. I'm back in town, so if you want to run a comparison with my Beast, give a shout.
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